Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our son's 10th Birthday!

Our only son celebrated his 10th birthday! Indeed time flies so fast ,soon we are going to have a teenager. .We just had a simple celebration at home after he came from school. We let him decide if he wants to have a small party with his friends, but he preferred to have a simple celebration and would rather send money to his cousins in the Philippines so that they could also celebrate his birthday with them. As parents, we are so touched with his thoughtful gesture of being concerned to his cousins far way back home. We hope and pray that the values that we taught and will continually teach him will always be applied in his daily existence as he also will tackle his own path in the future. His only request though is to add his transformers collections! And indeed his wishes are all granted! Thank you Lord and Mama Mary for always being there for our family ! We love you so much son!

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