Wednesday, September 23, 2009


(beautiful morning with mother and son at sea world san diego while waiting for our ride)
If i don't have any appointment every morning and if it would fit in with my schedule, I will see to it that I will watch TFC programs and morning news ' UMAGANG KAY GANDA !,the topic for discussion that I find very interesting is the word war between two senators, defending each others integrity, giving their knowledge about so many things, pinpointing persons on some critical issues.. and the bottomline for this is that, the issue of friendship and loyalty. Let us just put the issues aside, and might as well focus on how these things happened anyway?...according to one of the anchors of the show, this has something to do with betrayal, friendship, loyalty, getting ones' benefits from a friends' too much goodness...Yes, we just have to accept the fact that even your so called friends are not happy of what you have become, of what you have achieved and sometimes belittle you and insists that they are far better than you and anybody. One writer said, "those people who are so aggressive in saying bad things to people or do things to destroy the reputations of other people, are those who have nothing in life to hold on to and so insecure in so many ways" .....I have many lessons learned in friendship, and these lessons helped me grow as a person , who the persons to trust and who the persons that will stay with you through thick and thin.. Sometimes if similar situations do happen like statements made by so and so...I just dont mind it, i maybe cry but just let things passed, some people know me well are the ones affected because I will never fight back. I mean what for?.Let time be the judge because these people will in anyway show their true colors.I know that there is a supreme being that has all the last say..It's just that I am confident in myself, on what I am capable and not capable of doing. I do have true friends that know me better even from childhood and I have my family who loves me through thick and thin(literal ba ni? pwede pod hehehe)And I still have a lot of things to care so much about. I just lift it all to God...To everything there is a reason, and whatever reason why they did that, maybe in some other way they will learn lessons from it also, that there are still people in this world that will pray for them rather than cursed them..that it is possible to be happy and contented even if you are just simple ..just be who you are, true friends will love you of who you are..though you can change for the better but never forced yourself to change just because they want you to be what they want you to be.. it's not that difficult to be happy with what your friends have become, so lets just be happy with one another....stop the backbiting and defamatory statements to your friends..Life is too short to be sad and mindful of others..Let us be happy and appreciate the friendship..!

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