Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A personal note

The many reasons why I decided to come up with my blog are-- that I just want to have a souvenir journal (i did have a diary way back in my elementary years), may it be on a daily basis or something that will come up, or any special ocassion , or just any feeling that is dominant or extreme on a special day, to make my photos more meaningful , something that I read that has a big impact in my life,.special thoughts on a special day,..etc. etc.... Others might agree or disagree, but what matters most is that THIS IS ME...I don't even tell friends that I do have an online blog. They just happened to stumble on it while surfing the web and that surprises me though! I just love airing out my side with simplicity and all of it are sincerely coming from my heart...Again, I AM JUST BEING ME..

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