Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A midday conversation:

FRIEND: I want to ask your opinion regarding a situation where things made me feel so uncomfortable.
ME: Regarding what?
FRIEND:About many things. I just needed someone to listen to me and will give me an honest opinion, and I want you to do that to me before I can make decisions.
(WE barely knew each other just a span of 6 months, and this made me grateful ,for whatever reasons she told me why she chose me , THANK YOU. . )
These may be simple things for some people or would say WHY MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF IT?..Yes, i make a big deal out of this because I treasure friendship, true friendship................
(I took the above pic inside our hotel room in san francisco, my hubby enjoyed brewing starbucks coffee...)


I happened to read a blog and what surprised me is that it is a blog of a friend way back in highschool..a close friend so to say. .There was an entry that made me cry (here i am again). Because I never expected that she dedicated that blog for me..For people,close friends who knew me very well, well enough that they know for a fact that incidence like this really will make me cry. You make my day FRIEND C. . Thank you ,too.....(you know what i mean)...I will post some of our pics as soon as i will got hold of it in PI....just to reminisce our friendship.
I am very happy with what you have become now. I am so proud of you! I hope someday you will take a portrait of my family. This is one of my wishlist!..God bless you friend and your family!More blessings to come.....
(Just me pic above, my hubby made fun of me and let me pose na rin ako. hehe!...)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was surprised yesterday because i received an email from a regular reader of my blog all the way from Australia and she also included a link for me to read her blogs , no one is allowed to read her blog but only on invitation.. According to her she happened to read my blog when she typed in on blogs about friendship, family and marriage and my blog are one of those entries that popped up. She said she might not understand some of my words if i used some Filipino words but the thing is she loves the thought that some people including me shares the same views about so many things even if we are far apart and miles miles away from each other.

I would like to thank you my new cyber friend for all the kind words and constructive criticisms you gave me and for spending time in reading my blogs. My blogs are the reflections of what I believed in and of what i feel in the many moments of my life, as a mother, daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend and as anybody in this world. THANK YOU. You know who you are. God bless you always!

Picture above(myself at staples center)..


............I cannot help but share the experience of cheering as a group (reminds me of my highschool and college days)..we just went with the flow and if it happens that you heard some shouting and cheering in this particular game,,well well well,, we were part of it....nice one..even if they lost, the fun that we had was AMAZING..according to our son, PAPA AND MAMA NEXT TIME IF WE WILL WATCH THE LA LAKERS GAME, CAN WE HAVE A SEAT AT THE FRONT SO THAT WE COULD BE SEEN IN THE WIDE SCREEN AND WAVE.hehehe...(note to hubby: SAVE FOR IT LOVEY!).......


After attending mass last Sunday, my hubby decided to watch an LA CLIPPERS game at staples for the first time. Since it was his day off, we convinced our son (of course with a deal hehe) then off we went. It's realizing a childhood dream to get inside the staples and watch the NBA teams playing. Although he is an LA Lakers fan, he decided to push through just to be able to experience the inside fun and soon with the LA LAkers , praying for a day off if they have a game. . He just booked at the ticket exchange because the tickets are at a cheaper price..but far from the court hehe. anyway, just for fun and experience. . INDEED WE HAD FUN!
We were like small kids giggling inside the staples center and even our son had a blast taking pictures of the performers hehe.Call us "mababaw na kaligayahan'(shallow happiness), but this means a big thing to us. I think we deserve a much needed break as a family from time to time, no pressures of preparations, just the moment that we have each other experiencing all the opportunities that comes our way and soon sharing the same experience with our family back home,,,,,SOON....Thanks God for this time and experience.

Thoughts on the Homily by Fr. Gomez,SVD

I forgot to make a blog entry regarding Fr. Gomez' homily last Sunday TV mass regarding the triumphant entry of Jesus in Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)..He said "these people who praise Jesus in his entry to Jerusalem are the same people who condemn HIM to crucifixion and death....just like some of your friends who are good upfront and stab you at your back. Beware!....

Yes it happened to me..From my past blogs, as I always say i am a very unguarded person when it comes to meeting people, i readily consider anybody whom I talked to(especially emotional things and that person will also tell me about many things) as a new found friend..BUT i learned my lesson already, a lesson that really hurts me.. WHY? because i told myself to be laid back a little when it comes to open up of things that concerns my thoughts to certain issues and be able to share it to whom i considered FRIENDS...It's just very difficult to put into words how hurt i am if i hear some so called friends who will question my or other person's sincerity, as a friend and as a person..I don't know what their motives are but I know in time, they will realize that they are wrong and that I pray that the times they spent calling on persons and initiate a gossip to whoever they want to will stop and just be happy with what their friends are achieving..Yes, we cannot please everybody but if that somebody did not do anything wrong to you, why make a big fuss to the smallest mistake that your friend has done?.Look into the mirror and ask yourself, AM I PERFECT?

I shared these thoughts and experience with my husband and he felt the same thing..And to my close friends whom I share the same experience and the same wavelengths of thoughts and priorities.Sometimes i get so affected specially if there is no basis at all..But God is good. These are just little things compared to the big problems that other people are facing nowadays. What I just want to give emphasis is that it's not a hard thing to do to praise and appreciate the success a person has achieved and stop crab mentality. Even if you know me, You don't Know EVERYTHING ABOUT ME..I am just a very simple person, with simple dreams for myself, family and other people that I would like to help. But if my simplicity is not your cup of tea because I cannot fit into your complex and high end life, please just also respect me the same thing that I gave my respect to your kind of life..Thank you.

Holy Week 2010

Isaiah 55:8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways,my ways, declares the Lord."

(above photo with my father and son moment at our favorite park)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Blind Side

Last night was our family movie night. We should not have rented this one but out of curiosity with the read news about Sandra Bullock's performance which made her the best actress of the OSCARS and with all the overwhelming true to life stories, then off we go, WATCH THIS DVD!

I thought i will get bored because i like action, suspense movies if we talk about foreign movies. But in Filipino movies, I am much more into drama, romance,,,,BUT this movie hits the very core of me as a mother and as a person. Surprisingly, I did not get bore from the very beginning up to the last segment and even cried. Even my hubby liked it so much!

How a simple gesture of love and concern can make a big difference in someone else' life. Despite the status Sandra has in this movie, a millionaire so to say, a respected elite in the society,that gut instinct to put trust and help BIG MIKE ,trying to understand in her own way of interrogating, wowed me.. BRAVO TO ALL WHO MADE THIS MOVIE POSSIBLE!

Different issues were called up in this movie, racial discrimination is one. How a teacher's faith and patience in their students can make a big impact in student's life. And I could relate to this specially when I was teaching in highschool back in PI. A family's faith on each other, love for each other really is the core of being true samaritans in the society .These were all depicted in the movie.

A mother's love is a very magical kind of love, even if oftenly not said but will always be felt. A love that is so unconditional, a sacrifice that has no other person can make but only mothers will. These all made me cry. I am looking forward for that day that our son will go to college and maybe will make the same remarks like what Sandra did(I guess all mothers will agree).And this segment made me sob, OH the very emotional me! And my son tapped me at the back telling me MA , I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU AND PAPA WHEN I STUDY COLLEGE. THERE IS A COLLEGE NEAR OUR PLACE AND THAT'S ENOUGH FOR ME. and I sob again. Haay! this is just me, so sentimental..

WATCH this if you haven't seen it yet!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pray like a child

As written in the bible,PRAY LIKE A CHILD..children just have simple dreams,appreciate with a big smile on their faces which we thought little things but considered very big to them..

As I always believe in, GOD knows the desires of my heart. And I always believe that if we will pray like a child with a pure heart, all our wishes will be granted in HIS own time. Amen....

Note: Photo above is our son inside a very nice church in San Francisco

Monday, March 1, 2010

Time for fun!

WE really treasure our family time together..Yes, its priceless and will always be cherished for as long as we live. Thanks God for this opportunity!