Monday, October 26, 2009


I want to share to you this video by my mag -ama(father and son) having fun with ALVIN of the CHIPMUNKS singing SHOUT..We had a blast, laughing and giggling! Very precious moment indeed!


Our son was the one who picked this up in BIG LOTS and showed it to us..We were like kids singing with alvin!..Really, listening to Alvin's song is fun...We placed it under our Christmas tree.


YES!!! This is our family Christmas tree ! The fruit of our labor so to say and we are very proud of this. Our son told us after, PAPA MAMA, its nice to wake up in the morning and see our tree!..Thank you Lord and mama Mary for granting our request and making it all possible for us to acquire this one and all the decorations. I may sound so dramatic about this but I am just saying whats in my heart..We want to celebrate and feel the spirit of Christmas season like a child, full of excitement and enthusiasm!...Our tree may not be as beautiful and as classy as yours but the most important thing is that we all have the will to celebrate Christmas and remind all of us to do our part, to realize and put into action the spirit of this yuletide season which is sharing and loving specially those who need our help and guidance..ADVANCE MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


Last Sunday, we decided to put up our Christmas tree to celebrate the spirit of Cristmas season very early...Pinoy na pinoy pa gehapon mi... Our son was very excited because he considered it as a very fun activity for the family..He was our very active decorator while my hubby and I were busy putting ties on each decoration. We gave him the decision where to put all of it..Originally , we planned to have a live Christmas pine tree but it would be available on December yet, but since we were very excited then to see our tree that's why we bought one, "medyo taas taas sa miage"...thank you LORD..other people might ask why we find it a big deal for us to be happy about this, if they only knew, this signifies our trials and triumphs in our stay here. . This year, we promised ourselves that we will come up with a taller tree with lots of decorations in it and multicolored lights. ..We are very happy with the outcome.........

Thursday, October 22, 2009


(Above pic was taken on a late afternoon hiking at the new park ANDULKA PARK)
During my vacant hours, i am fond of running through youtube specially episodes that i missed on a certain program , or looking for videos of interesting personalities, actors,actresses or uploading some of our family videos...One time, i happened to watch past videos of OPRAH featuring NICOLE KIDMAN. A statement that strikes me the most as quoted by NICOLE(one of my favorite actress of all times)...WHEN I AM OLD, I WANT TO LOOK BACK AND SAY I LIVED....Definitely true and I shared the same view. Living our life everyday reflects how we viewed life and how we envisioned ourselves whatever goals we still have to achieve...Whatever things I have encountered from the past somehow contributed to what i am in the present and to better and improve myself in the future. Its nice to enjoy whatever we can do everyday for ourselves and to the people we love. Yes,,"IBANG IBA ANG FEELING".... Let us not forget thanking God everyday of our lives and for letting us spend our beautiful life with our family,friends and more opportunities for us to be instruments of helping and inspiring other people. Most of all ending our day with a smile on our face and say I LIVED THIS DAY..TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful Wedding!

Early this Sunday morning my sister sent me a message and shared some of the photos during her wedding..A beautiful wedding indeed..God bless them both and more fruitful years ahead of them.....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Youngest sister's wedding

Today is my youngest sister's wedding in Bohol..(above pic is one of their pre nup pics)..The fourth time that I haven't attended a sister's or brother's wedding(they all got married by the time that we were still new here in US, a lot of things to adjust and bills to pay hehe)....., but they know that in my heart, I support them and pray for their lasting marriage..I got the chance to call her at the resort before her make up session but I'd rather cut it short because she started to cry na..hehe..and on the other line can't help but shed tears also. (hilakon mangud mi oy)hehe..My family maybe miles away from us here in US but we see to it that the bond will always be there. After all, whatever blessings we have here will surely be shared to our family back home..I will just wait for the pictures. God bless them. And we would like to welcome another in law to our family!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Badminton fun

Last weekend was the weekend off of our dear papa.hehehe!We decided to spend more of it in the new park close to our residence to shed our calories off from our system(kuno)hehe..After hiking and playing basketball, we also played badminton and it was a very enjoyable activity. We used to play badminton in the other park that we also used to visit but this park made badminton a very interesting sports to play.Why? so many reasons to enumerate. hehe..Basta, we had fun... "singot pay amoa hehehe"..Looking forward for another day to play it....Thanks God...

Saturday, October 10, 2009


A good news I received this morning and an answered prayer indeed...Thank you Mama Mary, Lord Jesus for listening and answering our prayers. A very happy and meaningful birthday for our mother. Happy 60th birthday ma! We love you!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cream Puffs!

We love cream puffs! But we have to take this in moderation..(calories ).hehehe..It's now sold in its new packaging in a COSTCO....My husband and I love to eat these puffs specially if we watch dvds...But if we run out of these, we will wait until a month to buy another one(hehe)...Well, well that's us...simple happiness makes each day a wonderful day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A very peaceful and blessed Sunday morning!

(above pic is a new park near our residence, a very nice one!)
Yes, it's Sunday morning once again! I just love Sundays! i entered this blog about past 3 early dawn,this is my favorite time of the day, so serene , peaceful and I could do a lot in these hours hubby is at work, my son is very sound asleep and I have my TFC on while doing this entry hehehe, happy me...But this is me, simple things make me happy already. Let us be happy and grateful , may it be big or small for as long as in our hearts there is that so called magical feeling, it's happiness!.
A lot has been going in the world right now, tsunamis, floods, landslides, quakes, typhoons, and seeing all the victims in the tv suffering, it really squeezes my heart, thus even in our small ways we can be of help specially to our native land.A simple gesture of generosity creates a sense of happiness in us and to the victims brings relief to them already even in our small ways.We have all the reasons to be happy and grateful for what we are enjoying at present. May we all realize that everyday is an opportunity to enjoy Gods creation! Have a blessed Sunday to all!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let us pray the Holy Rosary!

Busy days are very tiring,,,,but let us be reminded to pray the Holy Rosary and the continuous intercession of Mama Mary to all of us despite our busy schedules...In Roman Catholic, October is Rosary Christians, we have to do our part not just every October but for everyday of the year.