Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A son's wish..if I could be

(above pic was taken by our son ; one of his transformer collections(bumble bee)

We were so touched when our son made a comment after watching the typhoon update in the Philippines when he said PAPA IF I COULD BE A SUPERHERO FOR A DAY, I WOULD LIKE TO BE A SUPERMAN, SO THAT I COULD HAVE A CHANCE TO BLOW THE WATER OUT FROM THAT AREA JUST LIKE IN MOVIES, I COULD ALSO BE A TRANSFORMER SO THAT PEOPLE WILL TRY TO CLIMB ON ME AND TRANSFER THEM TO SAFE PLACES..and told us to send money and clothes to the children. .As parents, we are so proud of his awareness of his contribution, of his generosity and eagerness to help in anyway he can. All we hope and pray is that he would always have that heart to help even if he is far away from where he was born and brought up for six years before coming here in US.

Let us all help in anyway we can

The recent typhoon ONDOY in the Philippines struck the hearts of many. It was really devastating and it hurts to see people suffered so much.. We might be so far away from our native land, the least we could do is to pray for those people to gain more strength inspite of what happened , contribute in any amount that we can, it would surely go a long way, pray also for the people who in one way or another who takes extra efforts to extend their help in packing things for the victims, and most of all never cease praying for the safety wherever we are.This is a life changing experience to each one of us. Lord Jesus, thank you for the blessings you continue to shower in us and making us instruments to extend and share what we have to those who are in need and making our family happy..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Charge to experience again!

(above pic just after trying the mummy ride)
A friend of mine called me up and shared her experience with her mummy ride for the first time. And we had a very long conversation. ..Way back early summer of this year, my husband and son already made a plan that we might as well take the revenge of the mummy ride,the idea was quite fun so i gave in . Trying some rides with the three of us is a very wonderful family bonding activity.That might not hold true to others but well this is us!(hehe). The line to the mummy ride was already long when we arrived after placing all our things in their locker area. As we were already near the ride itself, our son was quite inquisitive and tried to observe the many horror things he saw and enjoyed some of it because he saw most of the things in the movies. We heard all the shouting, giggling and a lot of different language of excitement..As we locked up ourselves in our seats and went with the ride, I just closed my eyes and keep on shouting and laughing at the same time. I prayed to God to end the ride already...But surprisingly, after the ride ended, we just keep on laughing at ourselves and joked that we might as well tried it again. But well, i might as well charge it to experience again like that of the jurrasic ride. Whew! that was one of the most amazing rides I had.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Planned weekend getaway!

(above pic is another family park day)

Well, well, well, inspite of, despite of the many things that happened and will about to happen back home this weekend, our planned getaway will push through. This is some kind of unwinding ourselves and energizing ourselves from school, work, and everyday stress related activities will be left unattended(heheheh)..Thank you Lord! We are always looking forward for a weekend off ..We are just grateful for everything !Thank you Jesus and mama Mary!

The best is yet to come

A not so good news I received early this morning. But somehow at the back of my mind I know some kind of it. I texted my hubby and informed him about the news since he was on duty. But what I am grateful for is that the strength of making myself believe that there is a time for everything and the best is yet to come. This also I asked everytime I pray that if ever there are news that somehow sad or can prick my heart so to say(drama kaayo), i just need the strength coming from up high and accept things that comes along the way. Yes, this might be a tough week, still waiting for saturday regarding the outcome of planned agenda back home in P.I..Hopefully things will be okey!. Yes, i just have to wait patiently.God's will be done. Amen....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


(beautiful morning with mother and son at sea world san diego while waiting for our ride)
If i don't have any appointment every morning and if it would fit in with my schedule, I will see to it that I will watch TFC programs and morning news ' UMAGANG KAY GANDA !..today,the topic for discussion that I find very interesting is the word war between two senators, defending each others integrity, giving their knowledge about so many things, pinpointing persons on some critical issues.. and the bottomline for this is that, the issue of friendship and loyalty. Let us just put the issues aside, and might as well focus on how these things happened anyway?...according to one of the anchors of the show, this has something to do with betrayal, friendship, loyalty, getting ones' benefits from a friends' too much goodness...Yes, we just have to accept the fact that even your so called friends are not happy of what you have become, of what you have achieved and sometimes belittle you and insists that they are far better than you and anybody. One writer said, "those people who are so aggressive in saying bad things to people or do things to destroy the reputations of other people, are those who have nothing in life to hold on to and so insecure in so many ways" .....I have many lessons learned in friendship, and these lessons helped me grow as a person , who the persons to trust and who the persons that will stay with you through thick and thin.. Sometimes if similar situations do happen like statements made by so and so...I just dont mind it, i maybe cry but just let things passed, some people know me well are the ones affected because I will never fight back. I mean what for?.Let time be the judge because these people will in anyway show their true colors.I know that there is a supreme being that has all the last say..It's just that I am confident in myself, on what I am capable and not capable of doing. I do have true friends that know me better even from childhood and I have my family who loves me through thick and thin(literal ba ni? pwede pod hehehe)And I still have a lot of things to care so much about. I just lift it all to God...To everything there is a reason, and whatever reason why they did that, maybe in some other way they will learn lessons from it also, that there are still people in this world that will pray for them rather than cursed them..that it is possible to be happy and contented even if you are just simple ..just be who you are, true friends will love you of who you are..though you can change for the better but never forced yourself to change just because they want you to be what they want you to be.. it's not that difficult to be happy with what your friends have become, so lets just be happy with one another....stop the backbiting and defamatory statements to your friends..Life is too short to be sad and mindful of others..Let us be happy and appreciate the friendship..!

Living each day as it will be your last!

(above pic , father and son had a great time playing with the waves at raging waters resort at SAN DIMAS, CA....it was a great day indeed,,,we enjoyed the lagoon water activity,, and our son even asked for a one more round, it was an exercise at the same time though, an underwater exercise so to say!)

Let us make everyday of our life as it will be our last. Its not as if in the negative side of thinking but might as well considered it as an encouragement for all of us to live life to the fullest. Sometimes its very difficult to do specially if you are still aiming for something to accomplish , but thats the very essence of it, that would somehow enlighten our selves that we still have a lot of capabilities ,beautiful opportunities to look forward to other than the thing that you are aiming for...We should learn to appreciate what we have, our family, our eagerness to help ,for the gift of life, and for the little things that make us smile each day!...

Waiting for the right time!

(myself waiting for the skytower to go up while overlooking the whole sea world! very nice indeed.!)

DON MOEN (famous songwriter evangelist) encouraged everyone in his songs, TO WAIT....TEACH US LORD TO WAIT...sometimes human as we are, we tend to be so pressured to achieve something right away..but all we need is to sit down, ponder, prioritize and be grateful of every opportunity that comes our way and we might as well count our blessings.Although its quite frustrating sometimes because you worked hard for a thing and yet its still not granted or given to you. There might be another time for it to be achieved. Sometimes we might as well cry it out loud to unburden ourselves with the frustrating feeling but always hopeful to be able to achieve it sometime, someday!.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reminiscing, Loving and Praying.........

(the above pic was taken during our 6th wedding anniversary in CEBU)

(above pic during our very first Christmas as bf and gf (kuno heheh)..1994 taken in our home in Tagb.....Hay! mga gagmay pami!).....I will make this as my inspiration to do more with my planned weight loss (after my very important mission !)

( 2 pics above taken in one summer night out at City Walk, Universal Studios)

(taking an afternoon walk and jog in the park, even just little calories to shed off hehehe! scheduled practice of my two boys , too...)

" A Happy Marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short."--Andre Maurois

"A succesful marriage requires falling in love many times always with the same person"--Mignon Mclaughlin

Our wedding was many years ago....but the celebration of our love continues to this day ..........Thank you Lord and mama Mary for this gift!

It's not our wedding anniversary, but it seems like yesterday that we knew each other, and we are on our way to our 11 years as married couple, and almost 16 years as the best of friends(including our gf and bf days plus marriage days)...Like any married couples, we've been through a lot also but as I always say, the friendship factor counts a lot in marriage. Why I entered another blog about marriage when in fact I already wrote something like this way back, it's just that , i read something early this morning on statistics about divorce, annulment, separation and stuff like that. It's an eyeopener for everyone, married or singles or whatever status anyone is in right now, that married life is not just sweet moments together but also a venue to improve oneself, sacrifice oneself, and compromise. I am not in the position to give advice because there will still be roads for us to travel in marriage...but what I am saying is, whatever it is that bothers you in any relationship you are in,,TALK IT OUT, PRAY and SPEND MOMENT WITH EACH OTHER so that right decisions will be achieved. If both of you are angry, try to calm down first before saying things. And if things comes to worst, set a time to talk it out, meet halfway, and part ways as civil indviduals.....I am an advocate of keeping the marriage to last and shares the same view with my hubby...Our prayer everyday includes that God will bond and guide all married couples to stay with each other and that love will flourish more and more each day......Amen....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another week to look forward to!

(the above pic was taken at Universal studios on one of those weekend visit to one of the most wonderful place on earth! UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD!)
Yes, another week to look forward to. Another start for schoolweek,preparing everything for our unico ijo, pacing in doing the chores and see to it that all the needed stuff for my hubby's work and mine are already prepared for the rest of the week! But i come to love doing all of these , sometimes might not fit my mood but whoever will do it anyway? ME AND MYSELF of course! Thanks to my hubby because sometimes if he is off duty, he will be the one to cook for us, a very good cook indeed. And to our son because sometimes due to fatigue from doing almost everything throughout the day, that i find myself sleeping on the couch and he will wake me up, tried to double check the doors if they are locked, turned off the lights and will assist me to bed and put on blanket on me and will always kiss me goodnight after saying his evening prayer. These gestures are so rewarding and fulfilling and so sweet...At an early age, he already knows how to ease our feelings in these fast paced life here in so called land of promise. And for all of these I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL TO GOD ALMIGHTY AND TO OUR MAMA MARY!
On the other hand, this week will be a week full of emotions which started last night! i know that if there are ordeals in our family specially back home that we have to consider and find solutions and act as a family in facing all of these. I know that these will also pass and conquer whatever it is to be conquered. Prayers , prayers and prayers are our source of strength where ever we maybe in this world. We just have to believe that things will work out fine and that whatever will be the outcome, there is a purpose, there is a better alternative and the best is yet to come... Please guide us always Lord to always hold on to our faith!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love time and space!

(my hubby took this pic in one of our family park day at jackson park!)

I don't usually tell to friends (but maybe 2 or 3 only)even my family back home that I have this online blog. But as what i wrote way back, some people just stumble on it while surfing the web and happened to read my blogs. They told me they would like to leave some comments because they could relate every detail I shared but they still have to register....................Why not tell them that I have my existing online blog? I don't know hehehe!...just joking..A lot of reasons perhaps, one maybe, they will check on my grammar(hehe) but i don't mind..another thing is I could be "free willy" so to say in my space in this world, this so called BLOG thing, thats why I am kind of shy if some would say something like,,,,STUFF STUFF STUFF!!!!!Well anyway, I don't mind really, as what I said, THIS IS ME..We are all entitled to our opinion so to say....

I just love my online space...I could be myself and just letting out my emotions and ideas to so many things that caught my attention and so on and so forth. At this very moment , I am listening to the songs of a famous singer in the PI.. I love his new album.. See? I am a very "MABABAW" person hehhe..music is one way of soothing my feelings and making me feel good if I am down. Well that's me,,,As what my hubby told me, I somehow influenced him in liking music in my choice of songs that made him keep in touch of who he really is when it comes to being emotional also and the love of sweety sweety music ..hehehe..He would sometimes borrow my cds so that he could play it in the car...Sometimes we would be singing the type of songs that we like while riding the car and to our surprise, our son is able to memorize some of the songs that we usually sing. Most of the time, its just the three of us spending quality time and going to places if theres no work..We are looking forward for our long planned vacation in P.I. soon and we are praying for it... God's will be done...Amen..


(above pics are the angels in our family, lacking pic of one of my nephews back home)
Todays healing eucharist mass officiated by the healing priest Fr. Suarez, (his first appearance in this healing eucharist mass and will appear every third Sunday of the month), encouraged everyone to be simple, humble and childlike. ...But according to him,,very easy to say but very difficult for people to do. We just have to pray and believe..We just have to believe that every eucharistic celebration is a healing celebration, a special moment to talk to God and be like a child to talk without inhibitions and without grudges in the hearts and surrender everything to the LORD , then we will all be healed.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just Anxious

(the above pic is our son while seated on a tram going to the raging waters resort just late summer in San Dimas, Ca.. 'Very serious looking at the scenery which was very serene passing by the lake with a lot of people riding the jetski, on banana boats, mini boat rides and other water fun activities. )
There are a lot of emotions in my system today, anxious about doing or putting into action a decision that would create a big impact in my life. But I am fervently praying and hoping that things will be alright and that the outcome of this big step will be fruitful. I believe that our Lord allowed things to happen in our life that somehow may make us cry or feels down or devastated, but all of these has purpose, for whatever it is, answers will be met along the way. Things might not easy but still we are lucky because we have all what it takes to stand up and pursue life and able to share our time , effort, and blessings to our family . Lord and Mama Mary please help me make it through this big step. Amen.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Let us be Happy for each others success!

(the above photo was taken at Wax Museum , Hollywood, California)
One of my prayers includes that may people will be genuinely happy with whatever success their friends and family have achieved...

"GOD knows no obstacles, never give up"..by Nick Vujicic

(above pic was taken during our first visit in sea world san diego, august 2008)

(the above pic was taken way back 2004 in Bohol, Philippines, this made me smile because the three of us were still"slim"...hehehe...but also shows how we evolved through the years,,,aspects includes physical, emotional,etc etc inspite obstacles, God solidified our family through time..)

Yes! God knows no obstacles, never give up!....by Nick Vujicic...I found out about this amazing person through checking on some blogs of people that i looked up to. I should have uploaded the video of Mr. Nick but I had a hard time uploading it here. Try to check on youtube and search for Nick...You know the first time I saw the video of Mr. Nick , tears kept falling down from my eyes that made me realized how lucky I am and how lucky we are.. Sometimes, problems do came along our way, it felt like the whole world is above us, as if there's no tomorrow, as if there's no more solutions but God is always good. 'Life without purpose, is life without meaning and hope. '..Obstacles made us stronger and better individuals..We have individual purpose in life, to be of help to those who needs our help. We have to stand up everytime we fall. Nick is one amazing person, with no limbs,he still manage to get on with life by spreading the good news of God and telling the world that we are all gifts of God..

" We don't know what tomorrow holds but we know who holds tomorrow' by Nick V....Amen ..Thus we have to consider everyday as a gift of life and a new day to celebrate God's creation and goodness....Thank you Lord and Mama Mary!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Griffith Observatory

One of our son's wish last summer is to be able to go to Griffith Observatory and indeed we made it possible for him. Seeing the look in his eyes during his observatory exploration made us also happy because the excitement was there and the eagerness to learn every activity provided specially to the children. As parents, it was also a firsthand and a new experience for us, its like going through the same stage with our son and it was fun. ' Love the place so much overlooking the whole Hollywood! The weather on that day was excellent which contributed much in appreciating the very beautiful place and scenery! Thank you Lord and Mama Mary!

L.A. County Fair part 1

L. A. county fair for this year is held at Pomona, Ca. We went there on its 3rd day of operation and our son enjoyed it a lot because of the Jurrasic Planet. He is very much into dinosaurs and he has that much awe about their existence, to the extent that he could identify right away the kind of dinoasurs..We ride the sky ride,giant slide,etc.etc. and ate the gigantic turkey leg hehehe..We haven't took notice of the time and it was late already which means we enjoyed every minute of it. With all the hardwork within the past few days, I think we deserve that much needed break...We love it! Most of all, our son enjoyed it a lot..Thank you LORD for this opportunity!

L.A. County Fair part 2

We decided to visit again the LA county fair because there are still a lot of things we missed to see and visit the first time we went there....still we had a blast,,oh my GOD ,,,my diet....reminded me to drink tea,,tea,,tea...but we enjoyed it any way and that matters most!...let us all enjoy the moment with our family..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A personal note

The many reasons why I decided to come up with my blog are-- that I just want to have a souvenir journal (i did have a diary way back in my elementary years), may it be on a daily basis or something that will come up, or any special ocassion , or just any feeling that is dominant or extreme on a special day, to make my photos more meaningful , something that I read that has a big impact in my life,.special thoughts on a special day,..etc. etc.... Others might agree or disagree, but what matters most is that THIS IS ME...I don't even tell friends that I do have an online blog. They just happened to stumble on it while surfing the web and that surprises me though! I just love airing out my side with simplicity and all of it are sincerely coming from my heart...Again, I AM JUST BEING ME..

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Simple wish for his birthday is to have some addition to his transformers collection. Seeing the smile in his face as he opened one by one his gifts with excitement , also made us happy. The price in no joke but seeing him so happy and eagerly transformed them , also add up to our fulfillment as parents. He gave us a tight hug saying I LOVE YOU PA AND MA! THANK YOU FOR THESE!.We saved for these collectible toys not just because its his birthday but also because he did exemplary work in school, a good news we received this week!. Thus, surely deserves a prize! Keep up the great job son! God bless you always!

Our son's 10th Birthday!

Our only son celebrated his 10th birthday! Indeed time flies so fast ,soon we are going to have a teenager. .We just had a simple celebration at home after he came from school. We let him decide if he wants to have a small party with his friends, but he preferred to have a simple celebration and would rather send money to his cousins in the Philippines so that they could also celebrate his birthday with them. As parents, we are so touched with his thoughtful gesture of being concerned to his cousins far way back home. We hope and pray that the values that we taught and will continually teach him will always be applied in his daily existence as he also will tackle his own path in the future. His only request though is to add his transformers collections! And indeed his wishes are all granted! Thank you Lord and Mama Mary for always being there for our family ! We love you so much son!