Friday, September 25, 2009

Charge to experience again!

(above pic just after trying the mummy ride)
A friend of mine called me up and shared her experience with her mummy ride for the first time. And we had a very long conversation. ..Way back early summer of this year, my husband and son already made a plan that we might as well take the revenge of the mummy ride,the idea was quite fun so i gave in . Trying some rides with the three of us is a very wonderful family bonding activity.That might not hold true to others but well this is us!(hehe). The line to the mummy ride was already long when we arrived after placing all our things in their locker area. As we were already near the ride itself, our son was quite inquisitive and tried to observe the many horror things he saw and enjoyed some of it because he saw most of the things in the movies. We heard all the shouting, giggling and a lot of different language of excitement..As we locked up ourselves in our seats and went with the ride, I just closed my eyes and keep on shouting and laughing at the same time. I prayed to God to end the ride already...But surprisingly, after the ride ended, we just keep on laughing at ourselves and joked that we might as well tried it again. But well, i might as well charge it to experience again like that of the jurrasic ride. Whew! that was one of the most amazing rides I had.

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