Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A son's wish..if I could be

(above pic was taken by our son ; one of his transformer collections(bumble bee)

We were so touched when our son made a comment after watching the typhoon update in the Philippines when he said PAPA IF I COULD BE A SUPERHERO FOR A DAY, I WOULD LIKE TO BE A SUPERMAN, SO THAT I COULD HAVE A CHANCE TO BLOW THE WATER OUT FROM THAT AREA JUST LIKE IN MOVIES, I COULD ALSO BE A TRANSFORMER SO THAT PEOPLE WILL TRY TO CLIMB ON ME AND TRANSFER THEM TO SAFE PLACES..and told us to send money and clothes to the children. .As parents, we are so proud of his awareness of his contribution, of his generosity and eagerness to help in anyway he can. All we hope and pray is that he would always have that heart to help even if he is far away from where he was born and brought up for six years before coming here in US.

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