Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love time and space!

(my hubby took this pic in one of our family park day at jackson park!)

I don't usually tell to friends (but maybe 2 or 3 only)even my family back home that I have this online blog. But as what i wrote way back, some people just stumble on it while surfing the web and happened to read my blogs. They told me they would like to leave some comments because they could relate every detail I shared but they still have to register....................Why not tell them that I have my existing online blog? I don't know hehehe!...just joking..A lot of reasons perhaps, one maybe, they will check on my grammar(hehe) but i don't mind..another thing is I could be "free willy" so to say in my space in this world, this so called BLOG thing, thats why I am kind of shy if some would say something like,,,,STUFF STUFF STUFF!!!!!Well anyway, I don't mind really, as what I said, THIS IS ME..We are all entitled to our opinion so to say....

I just love my online space...I could be myself and just letting out my emotions and ideas to so many things that caught my attention and so on and so forth. At this very moment , I am listening to the songs of a famous singer in the PI.. I love his new album.. See? I am a very "MABABAW" person is one way of soothing my feelings and making me feel good if I am down. Well that's me,,,As what my hubby told me, I somehow influenced him in liking music in my choice of songs that made him keep in touch of who he really is when it comes to being emotional also and the love of sweety sweety music ..hehehe..He would sometimes borrow my cds so that he could play it in the car...Sometimes we would be singing the type of songs that we like while riding the car and to our surprise, our son is able to memorize some of the songs that we usually sing. Most of the time, its just the three of us spending quality time and going to places if theres no work..We are looking forward for our long planned vacation in P.I. soon and we are praying for it... God's will be done...Amen..

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