Thursday, September 17, 2009

"GOD knows no obstacles, never give up" Nick Vujicic

(above pic was taken during our first visit in sea world san diego, august 2008)

(the above pic was taken way back 2004 in Bohol, Philippines, this made me smile because the three of us were still"slim"...hehehe...but also shows how we evolved through the years,,,aspects includes physical, emotional,etc etc inspite obstacles, God solidified our family through time..)

Yes! God knows no obstacles, never give up! Nick Vujicic...I found out about this amazing person through checking on some blogs of people that i looked up to. I should have uploaded the video of Mr. Nick but I had a hard time uploading it here. Try to check on youtube and search for Nick...You know the first time I saw the video of Mr. Nick , tears kept falling down from my eyes that made me realized how lucky I am and how lucky we are.. Sometimes, problems do came along our way, it felt like the whole world is above us, as if there's no tomorrow, as if there's no more solutions but God is always good. 'Life without purpose, is life without meaning and hope. '..Obstacles made us stronger and better individuals..We have individual purpose in life, to be of help to those who needs our help. We have to stand up everytime we fall. Nick is one amazing person, with no limbs,he still manage to get on with life by spreading the good news of God and telling the world that we are all gifts of God..

" We don't know what tomorrow holds but we know who holds tomorrow' by Nick V....Amen ..Thus we have to consider everyday as a gift of life and a new day to celebrate God's creation and goodness....Thank you Lord and Mama Mary!

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