Monday, September 21, 2009

Another week to look forward to!

(the above pic was taken at Universal studios on one of those weekend visit to one of the most wonderful place on earth! UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD!)
Yes, another week to look forward to. Another start for schoolweek,preparing everything for our unico ijo, pacing in doing the chores and see to it that all the needed stuff for my hubby's work and mine are already prepared for the rest of the week! But i come to love doing all of these , sometimes might not fit my mood but whoever will do it anyway? ME AND MYSELF of course! Thanks to my hubby because sometimes if he is off duty, he will be the one to cook for us, a very good cook indeed. And to our son because sometimes due to fatigue from doing almost everything throughout the day, that i find myself sleeping on the couch and he will wake me up, tried to double check the doors if they are locked, turned off the lights and will assist me to bed and put on blanket on me and will always kiss me goodnight after saying his evening prayer. These gestures are so rewarding and fulfilling and so sweet...At an early age, he already knows how to ease our feelings in these fast paced life here in so called land of promise. And for all of these I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL TO GOD ALMIGHTY AND TO OUR MAMA MARY!
On the other hand, this week will be a week full of emotions which started last night! i know that if there are ordeals in our family specially back home that we have to consider and find solutions and act as a family in facing all of these. I know that these will also pass and conquer whatever it is to be conquered. Prayers , prayers and prayers are our source of strength where ever we maybe in this world. We just have to believe that things will work out fine and that whatever will be the outcome, there is a purpose, there is a better alternative and the best is yet to come... Please guide us always Lord to always hold on to our faith!

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