Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reminiscing, Loving and Praying.........

(the above pic was taken during our 6th wedding anniversary in CEBU)

(above pic during our very first Christmas as bf and gf (kuno heheh)..1994 taken in our home in Tagb.....Hay! mga gagmay pami!).....I will make this as my inspiration to do more with my planned weight loss (after my very important mission !)

( 2 pics above taken in one summer night out at City Walk, Universal Studios)

(taking an afternoon walk and jog in the park, even just little calories to shed off hehehe! scheduled practice of my two boys , too...)

" A Happy Marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short."--Andre Maurois

"A succesful marriage requires falling in love many times always with the same person"--Mignon Mclaughlin

Our wedding was many years ago....but the celebration of our love continues to this day ..........Thank you Lord and mama Mary for this gift!

It's not our wedding anniversary, but it seems like yesterday that we knew each other, and we are on our way to our 11 years as married couple, and almost 16 years as the best of friends(including our gf and bf days plus marriage days)...Like any married couples, we've been through a lot also but as I always say, the friendship factor counts a lot in marriage. Why I entered another blog about marriage when in fact I already wrote something like this way back, it's just that , i read something early this morning on statistics about divorce, annulment, separation and stuff like that. It's an eyeopener for everyone, married or singles or whatever status anyone is in right now, that married life is not just sweet moments together but also a venue to improve oneself, sacrifice oneself, and compromise. I am not in the position to give advice because there will still be roads for us to travel in marriage...but what I am saying is, whatever it is that bothers you in any relationship you are in,,TALK IT OUT, PRAY and SPEND MOMENT WITH EACH OTHER so that right decisions will be achieved. If both of you are angry, try to calm down first before saying things. And if things comes to worst, set a time to talk it out, meet halfway, and part ways as civil indviduals.....I am an advocate of keeping the marriage to last and shares the same view with my hubby...Our prayer everyday includes that God will bond and guide all married couples to stay with each other and that love will flourish more and more each day......Amen....

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