Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our snowtubing 09

At last our long awaited family snowtubing at Big Bear Mountain already pushed through! Thank you Jesus and mama Mary! It was a very enjoyable moment for the three of us, we shouted like kids(LOL), we bonded and we had a good time. Most of all as parents we were very happy because our son definitely had a blast of unforgettable moments! We are looking forward for next year's snow resort visit!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun time!

I happened to scan some pictures that I was able to bring from the Philippines and I was smitten with this above pic way back November 0f 2005. If i am not mistaken i took this as a stolen shot while my mag-ama(father and son) were very amused with the tv program they saw on TV and they somehow immitated the pose of the so called contestants of that tv show. .They really enjoyed the show and as if they had an unspoken understanding on how to be alike with the contestants. I showed them the picture and they were laughing and giggling and do some wrestling stuff(lol) their bonding activity..My son told us OH I WAS STILL SMALL IN THIS PICTURE .THANK YOU MAMA AND PAPA FOR KEEPING THIS. I AM ALREADY A BIG KID NOW!..Yes, he is right! soon, we are going to have a teenager..

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Value of Listening

(i took this pic when my hubby explained to our son what he was doing to treat his finger cut and what amazed me was that our son did not argue and he just listened)
I was touched by the homily of Fr.Gerry Orbos, SVD when he officiated the healing eucharist mass today(March 8, 2009)..The gospel was all about transfiguration or transformation. Since this is a lenten season, we are all expected to make a change , make a sacrifice, a sacrifice with a smile. People tend to ask help from God, tend to attached more to material things and attachment to people but fails to listen to what God wants to tell them.
Yes, sometimes we forget to listen, we forget to spend a moment of silence and hear God's message to us. May we all practice the value of listening, lend our ears and listen to anybody who is in pain, just to be there to somebody that needed someone to listen to his/her inner self, and be mindful of what God wants us to do and to accomplish in life even if sometimes things dont come as you planned it to be. LISTEN!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Father and Son 3

" One night, a father overheard his son pray: Dear God, Make me the kind of man my Daddy is; Later that night , the Father prayed; Dear God, make me the kind of man my Son wants me to be"(quotation proverbs) (This pic was taken way back 2005 at our first apartment in Orange, Ca., 8 days from our arrival from the Philippines and this was my hubby's bday.. we were so emotional during this time because we had just 20 dollars in our pocket but we managed to still celebrate his bday even in our own simple way. What touched us during that time was that our son told us PAPA, MAMA DON'T CRY, I AM HERE TO MAKE YOU SMILE., and that made our day complete. As we look back, we are thankful for having passed that stage because it made us stronger individuals and every success that we have achieved today becomes more sweeter to cherish and will always be treasured. Thanks to our son for the inspiration.)

Father and Son 2

(father and son moments at aquarium of the pacific)

"Any man can be a father but it takes a special person to be a dad"(quotation proverbs)

Father and Son 1

(edwin and aldwin having a great time at the beach last summer)

" Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice" (quotation proverbs)

Flow of Life

( I took this pic last summer of '08 at newport beach while aldwin was playing with the waves)

I was able to read a blog of a famous person who just recently passed away . It touches my soul while reading his blog whom he constantly updated during the course of his chemotherapy. There was a picture of a boy sitting on the sand looking at the tranquility of the sea that sparkles like crystals in his photo..The horizon was so vivid. The blogger was thinking about how lucky is the boy in that picture who still has the chance to see many sunrise and sunset in his lifetime, who can still experience the flow of young life as he grows up..Of course I understand the feeling of the blogger, like any other cancer victims, there is that so called acceptance at the same time bargaining for prolonging life just to be able to see his offsprings achieving something for their future. He fought the battle of cancer bravely as he could. But God has reasons why he succumb to that battle.. Somewhere along the way, answers will be met.

Since we are still here in this world, we still have the chance to make the best of ourselves. We might not have the same opportunities for a higher quality of life like any people have, but what's more important is our unselfish giving of ourselves, effort and understanding to our family, people that we care about, and for those whom we felt that needed our help.. We must not forget that whatever happens in our life, even if sometimes we felt that our prayers are not answered in a specified time that we want it to be answered, there is a GOD that knows the reasons and knows what's best for us.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sad news back home

(above pic courtesy of HP sample pic)
........................Have read all the texts and messages passed 12 midnight March 2(pacific time)..was able to wake up because of my disturbing cough(but thanks God I am feeling better compared from the past days), so timely that I have read all the messages. Sad but we just have to accept things to happen that is inevitable. My uncle Boy(brother of my mother) died at 2:30 pm march 2 ,Philippine time..He was just home from the hospital 2 weeks ago but we knew for a fact because of his diagnosis that he will soon leave this world. But family closely knitted as we are, were hopeful that maybe life will be longer fo him to see his kids grow up and guide them . But things do happen for a reason. Whatever reasons will it be, it will be known as times passed by...Say a prayer for eternal repose of his soul. May he rest in peace.Amen.