Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Be a Blessing!

A very touching and nice message I read this morning...."We are to deposit ourselves with God and trust Him to take care of us(1Peter 4:19)..He is our VINDICATOR!(Job 19:25), and as long as we behave properly toward others, including our enemies, God will bring a reward to our lives..The bible says we are to be mindful to be a blessing..(Galatians 6:10) That means that we are to have our minds full of ways we can help others. When our minds are filled with ways to be a blessing,we have no time to dwell on our personal problems. IT GIVES GOD AN OPPORTUNITY TO WORK ON THEM FOR US!....AMEN!

What a nice message to start the day ! Thank you Lord!

An E-CARD mom's day received

I received this ecard from my family back home. Things like this really made my day. Thank you so much. Miss you all! God bless us all!


Words can't described how happy I was last mother's day! Thank you was all that keeps coming out from my mouth...I would like to thank my hubby for making me really special on that day and to our son aldwin for extending his very thoughtful way to show me that I am special to him . A mother's happiness is just so simple, just seeing her family happy and seeing the result of her sacrifices means more than anything and above anything else. Priceless!
So happy to see the celebration also for my mother back home in Tagbilaran and to my mother in law in Talibon. That day wo'nt be complete without greeting our Mama Mary..Thank you for always embracing us everyday with your love and grace, Amen...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What is it in HOLLYWOOD?

When I was a kid probably 6 years old, I asked my mother once out of curiosity perhaps"MA, WHAT IS HOLLYWOOD?..and if I remember it right, my mother answered, "A PLACE WHERE FAMOUS PEOPLE LIVED AND IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO GO THERE.!" AND AT THE BACK OF MY MIND, I TOLD MYSELF, YEAH I WILL JUST READ BOOKS ABOUT IT AND JUST DREAM ABOUT IT....I know that I still have to see for myself other places in hollywood aside from what I saw in our universal visit, but one thing is for sure, DREAMS COULD BE POSSIBLE..Hopefully, at the right time and when things are stable for us here and responsibilities of our parents back home are also stable such as attending to their roles as active Couples For Christ leaders as well as servants of God, we will give them a treat of a lifetime to visit here and other places in the world!...It will come,,in HIS time!

The Jurrasic Ride!

I have tried so many rides because my family find it as one of our bonding activity,,,but so far this ride made me weak at the end. It was our son's idea because he happened to view it in youtube , so this was the first ride we tried in universal. I already had in mind that maybe it would be like this, like that blah, blah,blah! ..But I never thought that our fall will be that steep and it was very rapid!...(Our faces showed so much of what we felt in the above pic, not much of our son though,,,,!)That might be my first and last ride of that so called jurrasic ride. But our son would like to try it again..Oh my God!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


It was a childhood dream to visit this place, now made into a reality!......This was our first visit to universal studios after a three year stay here in US...heheh! This was the right time, as a gift to our son as a consistent honor roll awardee and at the same time gratifying oneself for hard days work. The three of us were very excited just like kids. And to our excitement we just wore slippers! heheh! It was the idea of our son and when we arrived at the parking lot, we just removed our rubber shoes and off we went with our slippers. hehe!...While walking and viewing the place, my hubby and I hoped that someday we could bring our family here(Philippines) and share these moments with them.Hopefully, Someday!(sigh)
Our son had a blast! One memorable ride was the jurrasic ride! Oh my goodness I swear to myself, it was all charge to experience and i will never take that ride again!
Anyway, the day went so fast and we decided to be back on another day since we have an annual pass...(discounted in a very big discount from work!)We thank God for the opportunity, for the bonding, for the annual ticket price(grin),,,for the safe travel to universal and back home. Indeed a very nice family day!