Thursday, April 29, 2010


An email from a long time friend surprised me this evening..I cried,yes, she knew me that well that made me so hurt when I knew about everything. She was able to read my blogs(don't know how because I don't even post in my socialnetworking account that I do have one.). She said sorry and she missed me so much. I do also. She stated reasons, and i would just like to say thank you.I acknowledge your apology and I already forgave you long before you said sorry. We just have to remember all the happy memories of our friendship. Life is too short, we might as well make the most out of it.Be happy always!If you happen to read this one, to quote what you sent me".......because they saw you so contented and happy with your simplicity and that maybe irritates them because you don't entertain their thoughts of always longing for more....etc"....Friend L...thank you..and yes, you really knew me very well.
(pic above our son in one of our visits at universal studios california)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

An email

I received another email from a regular reader of my blog(this really surprise me) from HongKong. She is an American but based in HongKong working in a popular company. She told me that during her freetime and if she feels so sad , she sees to it to read blogs about many things that concerns relationships, family and other aspects that concerns the reality of life.. She included my site as a regular blogsite which she follows. She also linked me to her blog..She told me that she was also surprise reading my blogs because she sees herself in me in dealing with things and in some situations. As I read her blogs, I got awed also because I can also see myself in her blog features and opinions about many things. . Thanks Ms. Gee for this opportunity knowing you and for reaching out to me. We know that this started of as a hobby but the gratification that we felt is priceless... Again thanks .
(pic above our son in Sea World)


Friend L wrote a message for me on F...what happened to her the other day about flaring up!.I really laughed so loud because I could imagine her during that time as clearly described by her. Of course I understand her..Everyone of us has a saturation point wherein your patience will be tested in some situations that you are in. She even asked me if I have a saturation point because as what she knew about me, I will just keep silent if I am hurt or cry at that. I told her, of course of course..WE do have our individual way of flaring up. . People come and people go in our life, different individualities, as the song goes different folks with different strokes, on these different situations, use your instinct whether to go with their flow or insist what you believed is the right thing to do..If they will misunderstood you because you do not go with their kind of life, then let it be,,rather than changing the way you are just because they want you to be in or be like them. . I'd rather be called a PROMDI than being called a SOCIALITE or a PASOSYAL... my hubby happened to be at my side right now typing this. he told me THAT'S WHY WE CLICKED.. Yah, maybe....hehehe..
(the ever lovable shamu!)


A friend asked me if i was able to experience a situation wherein, FRIENDS will say something about you , and hurts you, and will appear as if so good on you, and you will hear from other people what they said about you. Having in mind that what they told to your other friends will not relay the message to you(gossip)..I just answered her with a smile and with this statement,,,,WHO WILL NOT BE HURT?But I told her,,,I have my own way of giving them a silent realization that they have met a wrong person to gossip on because I have with me my support system who knows the very me. I am no perfect individual, I commit mistakes but i will not just tolerate those people who have nothing to do in life but demoralizing other people's existence..I am sorry to tell you that I do have that instinct and gift of persons that if you do something bad and said something not true to me, the news will reach me in anyway. But you will not hear anything bad from me against you because I am praying for you...
And she asked me, what do I usually do?,,,,I answered her,," I detached myself from them,, as what I have said from my previous blog, I am not a confrontational person. I'd rather keep silent about my hurts about what I have heard ..I do not want pinpointing of who originally made that kind of gossip because I believe , they will keep on pinpointing other persons and no one will take responsibility of whose who...?If you will ask for my opinion ,I will give it to you,,,If you will just want me to listen, you will not hear any words from me....If you are my friend, I will always be your friend..That's my conviction..
She smiled.....and embraced me...and she cried....I asked her why?...she said "that's why i am proud to be your friend..." and that's enough for me....Yes, all of us are allowed to be hurt..Am I hurt right now?...Yes, I am..To whom? To some I considered friends but really stabbed me at the back...I will wait for sometime lo let this hurt be gone..It's just so difficult to stay the way I am when i am with them when I know for a fact they misjudge me.I do not want to call myself plastic so to say. When I am hurt , it really shows in my face . I'd rather do away from them than forcing myself that everything is ok when I am with them. I did not do anything wrong to them.. I am just living my life, a simple life here with my family..And it's so painful knowing those no basis news. Maybe, the material things changed them, the way they view life and the way they treat their friends according to what they considered acceptable to them. That's why I am so hurt. ..BUT we are allowed also to be healed..This will heal in time....Yes, in time....
(pic above our son at the park)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


1) Day off of hubby
2) A minimum day in school
3) An email from a family back home
4) A text from sister
5) A wonderful day to bond after school
Thanks God for this day!
(pic above taken by hubby while our son is asleep...the pink stuff toy is a gift to me by hubby and our son called it FLUFFY , and when our son saw this pic,he told himself..(I WILL HAVE A REVENGE!) hehehhe! he also took a pic of it while his papa is asleep).....that's how some of their KULITAN MOMENTS goes...hehehe..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


OOOPPPS not me! YES, my youngest sister is pregnant!...A lot of emotions she is feeling right now, the first trimester blues and so on.. But that's life sis...As I always tell you ENJOY THE JOURNEY OF PREGNANCY!
" Before you were conceived I wanted you, before you were born I loved you, before you were here an hour ago, I would die for you....This is the miracle of a mother's love.....BY MAUREEN HAWKINS...
(pic above my sis during her wedding last year....from my past blog.)


I had an entry about reasons why I blog..I typed in my reasons. I was just reminded of it when a new friend asked me if I do blogging?...I was hesitant to admit at first because of this reason..maybe she will looked for my blog, read, make some corrections with my grammar..hehe...honestly speaking.....anyway I told her.."Yes I do some blogging... my reasons for such is that blogging is an outlet of all my emotions about things that I encounter from day to day life,,,where in no one will judge me confrontationally, if there are stalkers in my blog, and if they will have violent reactions with my features, I did not invite them to get into my world of blogging, it's in their own free will so I don't have anything to worry about..." of course saying this with a touch of joke and funny quote...
Yes, blogging is a place in cyberworld where in it comes with a personal touch..A sentimental person as I am, I love to make a souvenir of a moment or a thing of the past that I considered important, a landmark of my being a person with different roles in this world!..Naks! (balak)...hehehe...Anyway, yes, i enjoy blogging a lot. It's just being me voicing out my real me through blogging. In the first place, it did not even entered my mind that people will read my blogs. This is just a sort of self updating and as the reality sets in, there will always be people who will stumble on my blogs, friends may stalk if they want to know updates on me or for whatever reasons they have. As I always say, THIS IS JUST BEING ME, for all the emails that I got, thank you,,,all came as a surprise, really....
(above pic inside the Universal Studios during the tour , set for GHOST WHISPERER(primetime tv channel 30)


I talked to someone back home in P.I., talked to a friend, talked to some acquaintances...the common denominator is, not contented with what they have in life right now.But as I see it, they have almost all things that a lot of people don't have...a car, a house, money that answers day to day needs (not maybe much but there is a way to buy immediate needs), a family, things that are considered luxury to others like bags, shoes, jewelries, acquiring things to make their homes looked very nice for other people to see,...there might be health problems but there are solutions to it already....Yes, each one of us has its own needs and wants in life for whatever reason behind it..but can we just be contented with what we have and stop complaining about things that are not yet possible to be conquered as of this time?...I am not in the position to give advice to someone about these matters but if asked for an opinion, i will....In fact I gave my opinion to one of the persons that I got to talked with just recently...Can we practice to be grateful each day and try to ponder on things that you have and be happy with it...Inculcate the positive vibes in you and try to radiate it to other people. Just have the contentment...if ever there are things you failed to achieve, try to accept it and stop mocking on yourself or to other people , maybe the right time is not yet for you..Just take things one step and one day at a time....Take a deep grateful..pray..put a smile in your face and hug the persons you love..these makes you happy...The power of contentment is within you and if it resides in you, good things will radiate in you, everyday of your life....WE HAVE ALL THE MEANS TO BE HAPPY.

(the pic above inside a very nice church in san francisco...the feeling of serenity , peace and contentment)

Monday, April 12, 2010


A few minutes ago, i received an email from Ms. L of Canada and linked me to her blog site. Thank you Ms. L for taking time emailing me and acknowledging my views about certain things in life . I was caught really by surprise knowing someone out there agreed to what I believed in and giving me insights in similar topics that we got interested in. You just don't know how deeply I appreciated the time and the invitation of reading your wonderful site! God bless you!
(ME pic above while doing house hunting ,i just love the kitchen!)

A message and a prayer for my uncle back home

My friends cannot believe that i called him uncle because he is just 2 years older than me. He is the youngest brother of my mother...He was my defender and protector so to say way back in kindergarten and elementary years.....
He is in a situation right now wherein his faith in God is being tested . .Uncle, a lot of things are happening right now, we do have human answers based on what we believed as Christians. THere are things we cannot understand and questions we cannot answer inspite of the many sacrifices you gave and extend to the family...But let us lived to the truth that things do happen for a reason and whatever reasons will that be, God will let us understand it as we go through life. Just hold on to your faith and religiously follow whatever is expected of you to take and comply.
May our good LORD continue to shower strength and enlighten you always.. This is just a part of your journey. Just embrace it and you know that the rest of the family is behind you in this undertaking...Take care always! PRAYERS CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS, let us always believe in that.
(pic above, a family gathering back home in PI.with my uncle)


Really, this movie makes the three of us laughing out loud from late evening until the wee hours of the morning!...I never thought it would be this funny..I thought the trailer of the movie is just a trailer, you know just to make the viewers decide to watch it but the trailer is just the icing of the cake, the whole movie is intensely funny and crazy ..We had a Saturday night dvd watching because we were not able to do it on that Friday so we just pushed through with a Saturday.. Our cheeks were aching because of too much laughing and giggling and pushing each other everytime there's a very funny segment..Thanks God for this movie, we had a very sound sleep after watching, good therapy though....hehehe....Watch it! Strongly recommended if you have't seen it on the widescreen yet..

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last week was the end of second trimester of our son and a culmination of that is the awarding ceremony. I happened to forget where I placed the honor certificate and while I did my usual clean up routine, I scanned some records of the clear file of our son's academic files from kindergarten up to present. What breaks my heart is that I forget to frame up the certificates that our son gave us when he was still in Grade 1..Yes, the above so called-certificates he made for us when he was still 7 years old after the awarding ceremony..If I remember it right, he got excellence in science, math and fine arts with a trophy of perfect attendance. Just allow me to brag about this. This is the only aspect of my life that I can brag and be proud so loudly..For my readers and stalkers of my blogs, just be happy with me bragging when it comes to my son .(smile on my face)..I showed it to my husband and he was so touched remembering those innocent days when our son told us PAPA , MAMA I AM MAKING THIS FOR YOU BECAUSE I KNOW YOU WORK HARD FOR ME AND OUR FAMILY BACK HOME.I LOVE YOU.YOU ARE THE GREATEST! with a hug and kiss..I really cried if i remember it right with a pat on our shoulders from his teacher MRS. WILLIS, his first teacher here in US..played a big part on improving our son's confidence and constantly believing in him that he could be a great person someday. Thanks Mrs. Willis. You are an angel.


MY hubby looked at this video and can't help but laugh, with a hug for me thanking me for being this sentimental person that I am. Isn't it amazing looking at pictures and videos when we grow old and laughed every moment with it.Simple things in life really matters.Sometimes people just make it so complicated. .

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


KC MONTERO:"We were not the same persons that we used to be".....(to wife Geneva Cruz)

Analysis:......Could this be possible? I asked myself 5 days,,,my answer is YES......
Factors?.......maybe pressures from work peers, money , pride, ego(these are factors not even thought of when starting a relationship ,not even the very reasons why you clicked in the first place.BUT things became so different because of the above mentioned factors, blinded with what materials things could offer. Tend to forget how you helped each other to achieve the much needed stability.

Result?.....could go nowhere, saturation point could blast,one would give up, and start life anew...
(The above pic was taken on our way home via 101 freeway from san fran..)

Friday, April 2, 2010


"SOMETIMES..........SILENCE IS THE BEST ANSWER..........."-Anonymous

(photo above taken in san francisco near san fran bridge at 1500 feet elevation)...