Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still sick

...........Still not feeling well today..Got to have more rest..weekend family getaway might bBolde postponed(sad)...I will update this blog soon..Have a nice weekend !

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not feeling well today!

I just stayed home today..I am not feeling well..Just have to catch up with my emails and bills and update blogs.. The good thing is I was able to sit down and organize our files and some important papers. But took things slowly because of my terrible headache and fever. I don't easily catch this so called weakness , it's just that sometimes i overlooked things that I can get away with this without taking measures. Lesson learned, YOU ARE ENTITLED TO TAKE A BREATHER. And that's what my hubby promised to give me this weekend! Thanks! Yipee! Thank you Lord!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank You Lord for a great day today!

I took this pic inside the car while waiting for a go signal... A very very nice scenery ! 'wish I will have my ever longed CAM soon...But thanks anyway to my canonA640...It is indeed a very great day. The snow covering the mountainside were sparkling like crystals as striked by the heat of the sun...My hubby and I just said WOW! and had a deep sigh..what a beautiful creation! Thank you Lord!

Monday, February 23, 2009


It was a request from our son to celebrate his 9th birthday in Legoland California last year. It was very timely also that it was a weekend off of my hubby. HE REALLY ENJOYED THE PLACE AND SO ARE WE! HEHEHE.
Aldwin likes legos SINCE HE WAS 5 years old and wants to build them by himself. Sometimes my hubby and I just got surprised on how he built legos in just a matter of minutes and looked at the instructions as if he is very expert in everything about it. And if by chance he will assemble legos with other people around like food court(took our meals while he himself is very busy doing his stuff) , people have similar remarks,, YOU ARE SMART! HOW DID YOU DO THAT BOY! YOUR PARENTS ARE PROUD OF YOU!...etc......And as shy as he is, he will just smile and say THANK YOU!....We are truly proud of him!

Treat yourself

Everyone deserves a self treat or self gratification for a hard earned money. Whatever gratification it will be, it should be practical and will enhance ones potential to the fullest specially in this very " techy or techi" world!, so to say.. You deserve to gratify yourself parts! God bless you always! (his mini office at home)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cold day today and I love it!

(this pic was taken last year at Big Bear Mountain, California)

Even if I don't have work today(Sunday, but my husband has weekend work)my system already got used to waking up as early as 4 oclock in the morning! Aside from the usual routine of thanking and praising God for another day is given to me and my family, I always make it a habit to check my emails , replying to messages, checking the headlines here in US and Philippines.(if our computer is in its good condition(hehe). And do my stuff like preparing everything for the day. This Sunday, we will attend mass in the afternoon since my hubby will still sleep and rest to gain back the energy for tonight's duty. Indeed a cold day today, I was not able to check the forecast weather but when I tried to open the terrace door! Oh my goodness the cold breeze greeted me and I love it! Thank you Lord for a very nice weather today just the right amount of cold that i like(but my son loves the freezing weather!) Since we are in Southern California , we are already used to the heat specially summer (I don't like summer alert, and the heat is really irritating at times, and my son's sinusitis will be at its worst during summer that's why he loves winter so much! sorry for those people who are summer enthusiasts, i think we are all entitled to our own opinion, peace!) that's why before winter ends, we might as well pushed through with our plan of going to our visit to a mountain snow resort. Maybe this coming weekend since its my hubby's weekend off. We all deserve to have a time to unwind and bond. We will pray for it! Thank you Lord for this day! Mama Mary please continue to embrace us with your love! Amen.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Fine Day!

I'd rather forget what happened last night.Maybe I was just too emotional then. But somehow after letting it out, the feeling of relief was achieved and that matters the most. I still have many blessings in my life to cherish and be thankful for. Today is one fine day so I have to make the most of it! First and foremost, getting things done for our son's GATE adventure for the day! And my hubby's needed sound sleep and rest because this weekend is a duty weekend..Looking forward for the next weekend get away! Thank you Lord Jesus and Mama Mary for this wonderful day!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Quiet moment

I just felt so hurt awhile ago. I just talked to someone on the phone and I felt bad after the conversation. I weep for a while just to ease out the pain. The irony of it, just this morning I felt so happy because of a good news. Quiet moment makes me feel good while trying to analyze what happened to the very content of that conversation. My son asked me why I was crying.It's such that sometimes you could easily cry , sometimes you are not affected at all..(mostly for women hehhe) I was touched when he told me, "Mama, you can tell me what happened, I am your son."(hubby is at work)..And the tears fell down again... It's just that in as much as you want to understand each friend's or person's personality to the extent that you will humble yourself so that no clashing of personalities will occur, certain things will still come up because of pride .. Anyway, while typing this blog, I felt a feeling of relief.Wheew! Thank you Lord!

Don't be afraid to fail

(this pic was taken way back in Philippines during Aldwin's FAMILY DAY in school having a BARRIO FIESTA was fun playing all Philippine games!)

"Don't be afraid to fail. Don't waste energy trying to cover up failure.Learn from your failures and go on to see the next challenge. It is OK.. If you're not failing. you're not growing." by: H. Stanley Judd

Thursday, February 19, 2009

From the Heart

"The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree BUT to hold hands."
by Alexandra Penney


"LIFE is like a MIRROR, We get the best results when we SMILE at it!"
by (psychologist)

Our Only BRO'S Wedding

Our only brother's wedding... He is the youngest, I have seen him grow up, usually I brought him along if ever I have something to attend to or sometimes brought him if ever I will be asked to go to the grocery. Just prepare an amount for his snacks (smile). Time flies so fast, now he already have a son! I will see you soon bro!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thought for the Day!

"Today is a great day to be alive; to be productive; to be effective and to fulfill your best possibilities. And now is the moment to enthusiastically get busy making it all happen" by Ralph S. Marston Jr.


"WE are sisters, we will always be sisters. our differences may never go away but will be both mirrors and our opposites" by ELIZABETH FISHEL
" A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life" by Isadora James
" Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other" by Carol Saline



Snow Adventure last year 2008

Our snow adventure last year was a lot of fun! First time we stepped on The Big Bear Mountain!... We were like kids playing and making snowman. It was then a very nice day to have fun and explored the place! Aldwin enjoyed it so much! We are planning to visit again this year before winter ends.. maybe we will be going to Wrightwood or Palms Springs... I will update soon!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our precious son

Our world becomes more colorful and meaningful when our son was born. Life seems complete but you want to achieve more because of our bundle of joy's future. We want him to grow up the best that he could be and we are going to support him all the way. Our prayers deepen in the sense that we fervently ask continued guidance for our son as he grow up in this world full of unpredicatble happenings. Seeing him now achieving something in his academics, a fulfillment as parents when some friends who know us will say "OH ALDWIN IS A GOOD BOY" and other people whom we met by just mere circumstance will say " YOU MUST BE PROUD OF YOUR SON, HE IS SUCH A GOOD BOY AND SMART, TOO!" No amount of money could buy the happiness that we felt everytime we heard comments like that. I know we still have a long way to go to perform our roles as parents, still a long way to go for him to achieve more for himself and to his future achievements but with God's graces and guidance, we BELIEVE that things will be fine and will work out according as planned. God knows what's best for us and for our son. We just have to trust Him and do our part. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

My bestfriend, soulmate, and hubby

Meet my partner in so many ways... My buddy for a year, my boyfriend for 4 years, my hubby for almost 11 years...We had our usual talk the other day and we tried to reminisce times. We had our ups and downs but we managed to get through with it. I guess all married couples do. It helps the most if both of you are friends because sometimes you could open up many things to talk to with no hesitations. We thank our parents for the support and advices , we thank each other for still holding on to our commitment inspite the never ending news of separation nowadays, we thank our son for our inspiration to tackle everyday struggles and enjoy life with him growing up, but most of all we thank God Almighty and Mama Mary for the blessings and graces, for the divine intercession so that we could come up with the right decisions to make. I love You Parts!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Spending time with our family is considered precious. Whatever activities we planned for that day makes the three of us excited and ended the day happy and looking forward for another free day and family day. We always inculcate to our son the importance of having a quality time with the family. He will surely have a family of his own soon, we want him to never take for granted to spend moments with his family . We all need to work , making us busy individuals here , juggling day to day, but let it not be a hindrance to spend fun with the whole family even for a day or two. According to a famous psychologist I quote, " SPENDING MOMENTS WITH YOUR FAMILY WILL BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU"...

A Mother's Love (my mama orsie)

Same thing..a mother's love is unconditional...A mother is always there for you no matter what happened. We also had our ups and downs of mother-daughter relationship. True to the saying , you will only understand the real meaning of a mother if you will already become a mother yourself..Now, she is very busy attending to the needs of my nephews and nieces back home in the Philippines and find enjoyment with it.
Thank you ma for all the support you have given to me, understanding , love that is very unconditional(the real meaning of the word), for everything you did and always do just to make all of us happy, for giving a good maternal instinct that Edwin will be my husband, (hehe, see? a mother's instinct is unexplainable), for patiently giving yourself, your time and effort for the whole family. Thank you! I am always praying for your good health so that you and papa will soon be here to visit us..That will come in time! I LOVE YOU MA AND SEE YOU SOON!

A Father's Love(my papa rolly)

A father's love is unconditional. I looked like more of my papa, not just the looks but character as well.. (smile)..Looran pod(meaning sensitive) hehehe! Anyways, since childhood, I know that he has been working hard for our family. Adding for a fact that he is also a breadwinner for his own family since my grandfather on his side died early, at the same time, he is also the eldest...Our relationship as father and daughter also underwent series of misunderstandings,,why? because as a father he is protective(which I know and understand). As a daughter, I also want to spread my wings and learn life ,if ever i will be hurt then that's life..Easier said than done but I also considered our financial status during that time. I might not understood his side before because he is not much of a talker, but a doer. He was the first person who told me"MABELLE ALWAYS PRAY THAT YOUR FIRST BOYFRIEND WILL BE YOUR HUSBAND" I asked why? he answered "YOU WILL KNOW THAT SOON IN TIME" .. And true enough, I did!
I got closer with him when I already got married! I also understand now the many things he taught me and to my siblings. I always pray to God that he will always be in good health, always safe in his work .. I still have dreams for him and to my mother. Soon I know it will come.. I LOVE YOU PA! I will see you soon!

A child in me

Eldest of six children of my wonderful parents, made me who I am now building up the foundation needed to tackle life and to make my own decisions to live my own life...Now, with a wonderful and smart son and with God given and supportive husband..

Did I miss my childhood? In a point maybe, since I am the eldest, I was given the responsibility to take good care of my siblings. At some point I cried because I was taught by my father to do household chores at a very early age telling me that what he taught me would help me in life, making myself ready to live a life and to my future family. That time, I just did my part, feeding my siblings, cleaning the house, having in mind whats the proper time to cook food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My father is absolutely right!

I did have my childhood memories too,, playing different games but with a suitable time only. If I remember it right, I consider myself as a homebody and shy. Maybe this was influenced by what and how I was brought up of taking care of my siblings. During that time, i felt the need of greater responsibility for them.

When it comes to academic achievements, I had my share of these.. just look at the pictures(not bragging ha..average lang naman heheh) (to follow na ang iba ha,) I still have to organize my photos since some of it are still in the Philippines...

NOTE:(to be continued next time ha,,i still have to attend to the needs of my son, have cough, due to extreme change of weather,,very unpredictable, still not get used to this..hmmmm..see yah!)