Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Learned to enjoy and love this!

I am not a very techie person,,Just a simple text and call,,it's enough for me..But my hubby wanted to upgrade my cellphone with our provider T-MOBILE,,with their ipodtouch mobile version..At first I am not interested with it , my friend laughed at me,,SUS GRABEHA POD NIMO KA SIMPLE OY,,BILIB NAGYUD KO NIMO, GEHONGITAN NA, hehehe,,SO i did. After getting hold of it,,upon knowing the features, there is something within me that was awakened..I LOVE TOUCH MOBILE(version of Ipodtouch of ATT provider)!!!!!....It is a big help especially during travel and etc etc etc,,Call me a late bloomer, or nauwahe sa uso,,cause I am,,,i won't deny it,,it's just for me,,i want to take things one step at a time and will not force myself to have it just for the sake of having it and it's what other people are using,,,,maybe the moment has come , and it's my moment,hehehe drama...anyway, my hubby told me,,(SECRET)...with matching kiss...thanks hubby....kaming duha mga shallow ang happiness,,,maong swak me,heheh,,mag LQ,,solve pod,,hehe ....AGAIN,THAT'S HOW LIFE GOES...

Looking forward!

I considered this day as bfgf day..why?'s so funny feeling like a steady date during our first year as bfgf days.hehe..Guilty perhaps?(just thinking ) and tried to teased him..But he is so serious which made me guilty of teasing him..I thanked God because he is more open to me in so many things which i thought I know everything about him already and same here wih me. We discovered so many things from our talk,,Would i be thankful that a spat happened just to go to this level?maybe there is a purpose...Only the two of us know the reasons why it happened,and we will try our best to bury it and looking forward to a more sweeter life ahead of us with our son..We are planning to add one in our family but hopefully it will be realized after we will take our vacation in PI soon...Everything comes at the right time, right moment in our life, emotionally and financially , i think we are ready to have one...WE just have to wait and see....At least both of us have the same goals, priorities and vision in life,by God's grace....


When we had a spat recently, it's my personality not to talk and discuss with him in the middle of my anger and hurt, because i believe that if you will say things when you are angry, sometimes you don't mean it and will sound very crushing to the heart. . Well, its just my opinion and it works with us..It took 3 days not talking to him , thats how much hurt i was. Little did i know that he has not been sleeping well and i observed that he lost weight. i never took care of him as he usually received everyday from work..what i had in mind is just to take good care of my son. .He texted me and called me but never answered. I want him to learn and feel that i was really hurt. . When i saw the efforts he had done to win me back(with the help of our son), slowly the forgiveness takes place and the chance to talk sets in, i told him everything and he cried. When it was his turn to say his part, i also cried..he told me.." I THOUGHT I ALMOST LOST YOU..I MISS YOU (ek,ek ek hehehe)..ETC ETC...well well well,,,,things has been said and done, whats more important is that at the end of the day, we talked, we forgave each other and we vow to be strong amidst temptations and challenges...making us stronger than ever...YES, drama happens everyday in marriage,like in movies,,so to say,,,but then again,,,,THATS HOW LIFE GOES...


Years of being together is not a guarantee that marriage will last....a lesson i have learned in 11 years of marriage plus 5 years of bfgf days....When I was younger then,sometimes if i see and hear about annulment, divorce, i asked myself, WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO THAT?WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? DON'T THEY HAVE LOVE ANYMORE? etc etc....i was quite judgemental then....But i admit it that i was wrong, i maybe be a marriage advocate but things do take place in an unexpected situations why married couples will end up with separation...This i discuss with my hubby..sometimes when a woman gave it all, never expecting to be done in return but needed to be nurtured, appreciated,just like the days when your man will try to win your heart...these sometimes causes the marriage or relationship to sometimes forgot their roles as a participant of a relationship. There is no formula on how to keep a solid marriage but if the 2 of you knows how to do your part as a taker and giver of everything,,then things will work out fine..i maybe talking on a womans point of view but this is reality..CONSTANT NURTURING is needed so that marriage and relationship will not wither then die..It takes efforts to do it,,prayers...and a constant conviction to let it work..and each one of you should know it ..NEVER TAKE EACH OTHER FOR GRANTED..STILL BE THE BEST OF FRIENDS, so that if spat will happen, both can talk it out as friends and knows how to patch things out..
I cannot blame people who will resort into separation, maybe one is exhausted already , emotionally drained and deserves a much needed nurture and love..maybe several decisions were taken into considerations before having that last resort especially the children..i just hope and pray that after their annulment , there would be no regrets, and the bitterness to each other will be gone and continue to move on with life..yes these things are easy to say than done but this is reality.
HURTS And PAINS are parts and parcels of getting into a marriage, a commitment that should be taken by heart, with much responsibility and vow to make it work in any given situations and demands..
Inspite of and despite of what happened recently in our relationship, i am still thankful because my hubby knows the VERY much so that i know the VERY HIM..we had to update everything about us and hopefully things will work out fine..yes, there are still challenges along the way but whats more important is that we know where we stand and we know that we respect and love each other very much..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Through it all!

Through it all,,,,everybody deserves a second chance..(always a second chance just like what MR. BOY ABUNDA says)....It was so funny because i overheard my son talking to his papa a night before the dramatic 'harana'(serenade) happens which goes like this...PAPA THATS HOW IT GOES..YOU HURT MAMA, YOU HAVE TO WIN HER BACK..BUY HER FLOWERS AND STUFF JUST LIKE IN MOVIES..C'MMON PAPA I KNOW YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT...DON'T YOU KNOW IT BOTHERS ME TO SEE MAMA CRY IN THE ROOM AND THE TWO OF YOU ARE NOT TALKING?... I KNOW THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG EVEN YOU WILL NOT TELL ME...i told myself..GOD THANK YOU FOR OUR SON,,(my angel),,it's just that matrimonial spat do happens even if you will tell yourself you can handle the end of the day, it will always be our family to go to and we only have each other to care and love for...and as what our son said,,THAT'S HOW IT GOES............he sounds so you son!

Monday, January 11, 2010


Yes, we had a spat....but through his efforts and with special participation of our son,,,everything turned out fine and problems were solved.....plenty of flowers , foods ,tears, laughters and COACH BAGS HEHEH...PLUS PRAYERS...thank you,,,,,

I love this album!

His songs soothes the deepest part of my emotions at this very moment......specially this album,,,,,Thank you Christian!

A time for myself

This week has been a tough one. Again, a lot of reasons. Certain things i placed in its own and proper perspective so that i can think positively and not just decide on things specially in the state of anger, hurt,,whatever you may call it. It's just sometimes i tried to ask myself, is it worth it?..I maybe sound so dramatic but really, i am just so down right now...i guess, i need time for myself,,,,i think i forgot about myself.I am just too busy giving love unconditionally without expecting anything ,but just respect and a bit of consideration...too busy giving so much of my time, sacrificing just to let everybody i love feel so much love and comfortability not minding my own because everytime i see them happy, it triples my happiness already...but i guess even if you already give your best, as the song goes, my best wasn't good enough...really really so hurt.............sorry

Loving myself

(The above pics at Citizens Bank Arena, Ontario , California where the disney on ice show was performed!It was a childhood dream realized and witnessed in my own naked eyes...!..)
This blog entry is exactly typed at 1:38 early morning. I just had my 4 hour-sleep..but since it's officially Monday, i think this will already be a go go effect from preparing everything for my son to preparing for myself too.Honestly speaking, i am very down right now.Why? a lot of reasons. One, i felt being taken for granted. I am a very simple person to please.It's just that it's more hurting to know that the person whom you considered special in so many ways, hurts you in BULLS EYE, the very core of my emotional being, in a very weak physical state of health.I don't usually ask favor but if i asked for one, it is very much needed.....Just so hurt...(sob)

Friday, January 1, 2010


Our son gave this piece of art to us before we spent a vacation in san francisco. This was given to us coupled with hugs and kisses and we decided to place this in our christmas tree. He told us that we should have put pictures of our family in our christmas tree (next time, and purchase a polaroid camera)..He is a very thoughtful kid. He likes to draw and make cards for us. I hope and pray that he will continue this as he grows up and share this wonderful trait to his friends and future family. Do I sound so sentimental? hehehe..Well, this is just being me...(big sigh!)


NEW YEAR 2010! Another year to embrace, another year to look forward to, another year to get excited for, for whatever it brings to each one of us. I hope and pray that our good Lord will continue to pour on His blessings, give us good health always,and guide us always wherever our travel may be. Amen.