Friday, September 18, 2009

Just Anxious

(the above pic is our son while seated on a tram going to the raging waters resort just late summer in San Dimas, Ca.. 'Very serious looking at the scenery which was very serene passing by the lake with a lot of people riding the jetski, on banana boats, mini boat rides and other water fun activities. )
There are a lot of emotions in my system today, anxious about doing or putting into action a decision that would create a big impact in my life. But I am fervently praying and hoping that things will be alright and that the outcome of this big step will be fruitful. I believe that our Lord allowed things to happen in our life that somehow may make us cry or feels down or devastated, but all of these has purpose, for whatever it is, answers will be met along the way. Things might not easy but still we are lucky because we have all what it takes to stand up and pursue life and able to share our time , effort, and blessings to our family . Lord and Mama Mary please help me make it through this big step. Amen.

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