Thursday, April 29, 2010


An email from a long time friend surprised me this evening..I cried,yes, she knew me that well that made me so hurt when I knew about everything. She was able to read my blogs(don't know how because I don't even post in my socialnetworking account that I do have one.). She said sorry and she missed me so much. I do also. She stated reasons, and i would just like to say thank you.I acknowledge your apology and I already forgave you long before you said sorry. We just have to remember all the happy memories of our friendship. Life is too short, we might as well make the most out of it.Be happy always!If you happen to read this one, to quote what you sent me".......because they saw you so contented and happy with your simplicity and that maybe irritates them because you don't entertain their thoughts of always longing for more....etc"....Friend L...thank you..and yes, you really knew me very well.
(pic above our son in one of our visits at universal studios california)

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