Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grieving and Letting Go

It's been almost a month that I did not logged in , in my blogworld. I received email messages from my cyberfriends asking what happened to me, thank you for all the inquiries.Roller coaster emotions as what they say when you are in the middle of everything, this is what I am feeling right now. Aside from my other issues, there is no greater pain when I heard the news that my beloved Lolo Dadong died. Yes, in as much as we know for a fact that we all go back to our creator, the pain is inevitable, excruciating especially that I know it's just a little time left for us to see him again for quite awhile before he left us in this world..Yes, i bargained to God, while he was still in the hospital to let him wait for us to be home, but I also prepared myself if anything happens, may he will be at peace and free from any pain. But it still hurts. Other people might not understand me why I grieved so much, it's because we have memories , i missed the chance to hug one last time to the man who contributed a lot on how i lived my life. I know I have to let go of this pain, in time, i know in time.

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