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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I had an entry about reasons why I blog..I typed in my reasons. I was just reminded of it when a new friend asked me if I do blogging?...I was hesitant to admit at first because of this reason..maybe she will looked for my blog, read, make some corrections with my grammar..hehe...honestly speaking.....anyway I told her.."Yes I do some blogging... my reasons for such is that blogging is an outlet of all my emotions about things that I encounter from day to day life,,,where in no one will judge me confrontationally, if there are stalkers in my blog, and if they will have violent reactions with my features, I did not invite them to get into my world of blogging, it's in their own free will so I don't have anything to worry about..." of course saying this with a touch of joke and funny quote...
Yes, blogging is a place in cyberworld where in it comes with a personal touch..A sentimental person as I am, I love to make a souvenir of a moment or a thing of the past that I considered important, a landmark of my being a person with different roles in this world!..Naks! (balak)...hehehe...Anyway, yes, i enjoy blogging a lot. It's just being me voicing out my real me through blogging. In the first place, it did not even entered my mind that people will read my blogs. This is just a sort of self updating and as the reality sets in, there will always be people who will stumble on my blogs, friends may stalk if they want to know updates on me or for whatever reasons they have. As I always say, THIS IS JUST BEING ME, for all the emails that I got, thank you,,,all came as a surprise, really....
(above pic inside the Universal Studios during the tour , set for GHOST WHISPERER(primetime tv channel 30)

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