Sunday, April 18, 2010


Friend L wrote a message for me on F...what happened to her the other day about flaring up!.I really laughed so loud because I could imagine her during that time as clearly described by her. Of course I understand her..Everyone of us has a saturation point wherein your patience will be tested in some situations that you are in. She even asked me if I have a saturation point because as what she knew about me, I will just keep silent if I am hurt or cry at that. I told her, of course of course..WE do have our individual way of flaring up. . People come and people go in our life, different individualities, as the song goes different folks with different strokes, on these different situations, use your instinct whether to go with their flow or insist what you believed is the right thing to do..If they will misunderstood you because you do not go with their kind of life, then let it be,,rather than changing the way you are just because they want you to be in or be like them. . I'd rather be called a PROMDI than being called a SOCIALITE or a PASOSYAL... my hubby happened to be at my side right now typing this. he told me THAT'S WHY WE CLICKED.. Yah, maybe....hehehe..
(the ever lovable shamu!)

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