Monday, April 12, 2010

A message and a prayer for my uncle back home

My friends cannot believe that i called him uncle because he is just 2 years older than me. He is the youngest brother of my mother...He was my defender and protector so to say way back in kindergarten and elementary years.....
He is in a situation right now wherein his faith in God is being tested . .Uncle, a lot of things are happening right now, we do have human answers based on what we believed as Christians. THere are things we cannot understand and questions we cannot answer inspite of the many sacrifices you gave and extend to the family...But let us lived to the truth that things do happen for a reason and whatever reasons will that be, God will let us understand it as we go through life. Just hold on to your faith and religiously follow whatever is expected of you to take and comply.
May our good LORD continue to shower strength and enlighten you always.. This is just a part of your journey. Just embrace it and you know that the rest of the family is behind you in this undertaking...Take care always! PRAYERS CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS, let us always believe in that.
(pic above, a family gathering back home in PI.with my uncle)

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