Sunday, April 18, 2010


A friend asked me if i was able to experience a situation wherein, FRIENDS will say something about you , and hurts you, and will appear as if so good on you, and you will hear from other people what they said about you. Having in mind that what they told to your other friends will not relay the message to you(gossip)..I just answered her with a smile and with this statement,,,,WHO WILL NOT BE HURT?But I told her,,,I have my own way of giving them a silent realization that they have met a wrong person to gossip on because I have with me my support system who knows the very me. I am no perfect individual, I commit mistakes but i will not just tolerate those people who have nothing to do in life but demoralizing other people's existence..I am sorry to tell you that I do have that instinct and gift of persons that if you do something bad and said something not true to me, the news will reach me in anyway. But you will not hear anything bad from me against you because I am praying for you...
And she asked me, what do I usually do?,,,,I answered her,," I detached myself from them,, as what I have said from my previous blog, I am not a confrontational person. I'd rather keep silent about my hurts about what I have heard ..I do not want pinpointing of who originally made that kind of gossip because I believe , they will keep on pinpointing other persons and no one will take responsibility of whose who...?If you will ask for my opinion ,I will give it to you,,,If you will just want me to listen, you will not hear any words from me....If you are my friend, I will always be your friend..That's my conviction..
She smiled.....and embraced me...and she cried....I asked her why?...she said "that's why i am proud to be your friend..." and that's enough for me....Yes, all of us are allowed to be hurt..Am I hurt right now?...Yes, I am..To whom? To some I considered friends but really stabbed me at the back...I will wait for sometime lo let this hurt be gone..It's just so difficult to stay the way I am when i am with them when I know for a fact they misjudge me.I do not want to call myself plastic so to say. When I am hurt , it really shows in my face . I'd rather do away from them than forcing myself that everything is ok when I am with them. I did not do anything wrong to them.. I am just living my life, a simple life here with my family..And it's so painful knowing those no basis news. Maybe, the material things changed them, the way they view life and the way they treat their friends according to what they considered acceptable to them. That's why I am so hurt. ..BUT we are allowed also to be healed..This will heal in time....Yes, in time....
(pic above our son at the park)

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