Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last week was the end of second trimester of our son and a culmination of that is the awarding ceremony. I happened to forget where I placed the honor certificate and while I did my usual clean up routine, I scanned some records of the clear file of our son's academic files from kindergarten up to present. What breaks my heart is that I forget to frame up the certificates that our son gave us when he was still in Grade 1..Yes, the above so called-certificates he made for us when he was still 7 years old after the awarding ceremony..If I remember it right, he got excellence in science, math and fine arts with a trophy of perfect attendance. Just allow me to brag about this. This is the only aspect of my life that I can brag and be proud so loudly..For my readers and stalkers of my blogs, just be happy with me bragging when it comes to my son .(smile on my face)..I showed it to my husband and he was so touched remembering those innocent days when our son told us PAPA , MAMA I AM MAKING THIS FOR YOU BECAUSE I KNOW YOU WORK HARD FOR ME AND OUR FAMILY BACK HOME.I LOVE YOU.YOU ARE THE GREATEST! with a hug and kiss..I really cried if i remember it right with a pat on our shoulders from his teacher MRS. WILLIS, his first teacher here in US..played a big part on improving our son's confidence and constantly believing in him that he could be a great person someday. Thanks Mrs. Willis. You are an angel.

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