Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I talked to someone back home in P.I., talked to a friend, talked to some acquaintances...the common denominator is, not contented with what they have in life right now.But as I see it, they have almost all things that a lot of people don't have...a car, a house, money that answers day to day needs (not maybe much but there is a way to buy immediate needs), a family, things that are considered luxury to others like bags, shoes, jewelries, acquiring things to make their homes looked very nice for other people to see,...there might be health problems but there are solutions to it already....Yes, each one of us has its own needs and wants in life for whatever reason behind it..but can we just be contented with what we have and stop complaining about things that are not yet possible to be conquered as of this time?...I am not in the position to give advice to someone about these matters but if asked for an opinion, i will....In fact I gave my opinion to one of the persons that I got to talked with just recently...Can we practice to be grateful each day and try to ponder on things that you have and be happy with it...Inculcate the positive vibes in you and try to radiate it to other people. Just have the contentment...if ever there are things you failed to achieve, try to accept it and stop mocking on yourself or to other people , maybe the right time is not yet for you..Just take things one step and one day at a time....Take a deep grateful..pray..put a smile in your face and hug the persons you love..these makes you happy...The power of contentment is within you and if it resides in you, good things will radiate in you, everyday of your life....WE HAVE ALL THE MEANS TO BE HAPPY.

(the pic above inside a very nice church in san francisco...the feeling of serenity , peace and contentment)

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