Wednesday, January 13, 2010


When we had a spat recently, it's my personality not to talk and discuss with him in the middle of my anger and hurt, because i believe that if you will say things when you are angry, sometimes you don't mean it and will sound very crushing to the heart. . Well, its just my opinion and it works with us..It took 3 days not talking to him , thats how much hurt i was. Little did i know that he has not been sleeping well and i observed that he lost weight. i never took care of him as he usually received everyday from work..what i had in mind is just to take good care of my son. .He texted me and called me but never answered. I want him to learn and feel that i was really hurt. . When i saw the efforts he had done to win me back(with the help of our son), slowly the forgiveness takes place and the chance to talk sets in, i told him everything and he cried. When it was his turn to say his part, i also cried..he told me.." I THOUGHT I ALMOST LOST YOU..I MISS YOU (ek,ek ek hehehe)..ETC ETC...well well well,,,,things has been said and done, whats more important is that at the end of the day, we talked, we forgave each other and we vow to be strong amidst temptations and challenges...making us stronger than ever...YES, drama happens everyday in marriage,like in movies,,so to say,,,but then again,,,,THATS HOW LIFE GOES...

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