Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Learned to enjoy and love this!

I am not a very techie person,,Just a simple text and call,,it's enough for me..But my hubby wanted to upgrade my cellphone with our provider T-MOBILE,,with their ipodtouch mobile version..At first I am not interested with it , my friend laughed at me,,SUS GRABEHA POD NIMO KA SIMPLE OY,,BILIB NAGYUD KO NIMO, GEHONGITAN NA, hehehe,,SO i did. After getting hold of it,,upon knowing the features, there is something within me that was awakened..I LOVE TOUCH MOBILE(version of Ipodtouch of ATT provider)!!!!!....It is a big help especially during travel and etc etc etc,,Call me a late bloomer, or nauwahe sa uso,,cause I am,,,i won't deny it,,it's just for me,,i want to take things one step at a time and will not force myself to have it just for the sake of having it and it's what other people are using,,,,maybe the moment has come , and it's my moment,hehehe drama...anyway, my hubby told me,,(SECRET)...with matching kiss...thanks hubby....kaming duha mga shallow ang happiness,,,maong swak me,heheh,,mag LQ,,solve pod,,hehe ....AGAIN,THAT'S HOW LIFE GOES...

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