Monday, January 11, 2010

Loving myself

(The above pics at Citizens Bank Arena, Ontario , California where the disney on ice show was performed!It was a childhood dream realized and witnessed in my own naked eyes...!..)
This blog entry is exactly typed at 1:38 early morning. I just had my 4 hour-sleep..but since it's officially Monday, i think this will already be a go go effect from preparing everything for my son to preparing for myself too.Honestly speaking, i am very down right now.Why? a lot of reasons. One, i felt being taken for granted. I am a very simple person to please.It's just that it's more hurting to know that the person whom you considered special in so many ways, hurts you in BULLS EYE, the very core of my emotional being, in a very weak physical state of health.I don't usually ask favor but if i asked for one, it is very much needed.....Just so hurt...(sob)

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