Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Years of being together is not a guarantee that marriage will last....a lesson i have learned in 11 years of marriage plus 5 years of bfgf days....When I was younger then,sometimes if i see and hear about annulment, divorce, i asked myself, WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO THAT?WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? DON'T THEY HAVE LOVE ANYMORE? etc etc....i was quite judgemental then....But i admit it that i was wrong, i maybe be a marriage advocate but things do take place in an unexpected situations why married couples will end up with separation...This i discuss with my hubby..sometimes when a woman gave it all, never expecting to be done in return but needed to be nurtured, appreciated,just like the days when your man will try to win your heart...these sometimes causes the marriage or relationship to sometimes forgot their roles as a participant of a relationship. There is no formula on how to keep a solid marriage but if the 2 of you knows how to do your part as a taker and giver of everything,,then things will work out fine..i maybe talking on a womans point of view but this is reality..CONSTANT NURTURING is needed so that marriage and relationship will not wither then die..It takes efforts to do it,,prayers...and a constant conviction to let it work..and each one of you should know it ..NEVER TAKE EACH OTHER FOR GRANTED..STILL BE THE BEST OF FRIENDS, so that if spat will happen, both can talk it out as friends and knows how to patch things out..
I cannot blame people who will resort into separation, maybe one is exhausted already , emotionally drained and deserves a much needed nurture and love..maybe several decisions were taken into considerations before having that last resort especially the children..i just hope and pray that after their annulment , there would be no regrets, and the bitterness to each other will be gone and continue to move on with life..yes these things are easy to say than done but this is reality.
HURTS And PAINS are parts and parcels of getting into a marriage, a commitment that should be taken by heart, with much responsibility and vow to make it work in any given situations and demands..
Inspite of and despite of what happened recently in our relationship, i am still thankful because my hubby knows the VERY much so that i know the VERY HIM..we had to update everything about us and hopefully things will work out fine..yes, there are still challenges along the way but whats more important is that we know where we stand and we know that we respect and love each other very much..

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