Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking forward!

I considered this day as bfgf day..why?'s so funny feeling like a steady date during our first year as bfgf days.hehe..Guilty perhaps?(just thinking ) and tried to teased him..But he is so serious which made me guilty of teasing him..I thanked God because he is more open to me in so many things which i thought I know everything about him already and same here wih me. We discovered so many things from our talk,,Would i be thankful that a spat happened just to go to this level?maybe there is a purpose...Only the two of us know the reasons why it happened,and we will try our best to bury it and looking forward to a more sweeter life ahead of us with our son..We are planning to add one in our family but hopefully it will be realized after we will take our vacation in PI soon...Everything comes at the right time, right moment in our life, emotionally and financially , i think we are ready to have one...WE just have to wait and see....At least both of us have the same goals, priorities and vision in life,by God's grace....

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