Monday, January 11, 2010

A time for myself

This week has been a tough one. Again, a lot of reasons. Certain things i placed in its own and proper perspective so that i can think positively and not just decide on things specially in the state of anger, hurt,,whatever you may call it. It's just sometimes i tried to ask myself, is it worth it?..I maybe sound so dramatic but really, i am just so down right now...i guess, i need time for myself,,,,i think i forgot about myself.I am just too busy giving love unconditionally without expecting anything ,but just respect and a bit of consideration...too busy giving so much of my time, sacrificing just to let everybody i love feel so much love and comfortability not minding my own because everytime i see them happy, it triples my happiness already...but i guess even if you already give your best, as the song goes, my best wasn't good enough...really really so hurt.............sorry

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