Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Through it all!

Through it all,,,,everybody deserves a second chance..(always a second chance just like what MR. BOY ABUNDA says)....It was so funny because i overheard my son talking to his papa a night before the dramatic 'harana'(serenade) happens which goes like this...PAPA THATS HOW IT GOES..YOU HURT MAMA, YOU HAVE TO WIN HER BACK..BUY HER FLOWERS AND STUFF JUST LIKE IN MOVIES..C'MMON PAPA I KNOW YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT...DON'T YOU KNOW IT BOTHERS ME TO SEE MAMA CRY IN THE ROOM AND THE TWO OF YOU ARE NOT TALKING?... I KNOW THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG EVEN YOU WILL NOT TELL ME...i told myself..GOD THANK YOU FOR OUR SON,,(my angel),,it's just that matrimonial spat do happens even if you will tell yourself you can handle it...at the end of the day, it will always be our family to go to and we only have each other to care and love for...and as what our son said,,THAT'S HOW IT GOES............he sounds so mature....love you son!

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