Friday, February 20, 2009

Quiet moment

I just felt so hurt awhile ago. I just talked to someone on the phone and I felt bad after the conversation. I weep for a while just to ease out the pain. The irony of it, just this morning I felt so happy because of a good news. Quiet moment makes me feel good while trying to analyze what happened to the very content of that conversation. My son asked me why I was crying.It's such that sometimes you could easily cry , sometimes you are not affected at all..(mostly for women hehhe) I was touched when he told me, "Mama, you can tell me what happened, I am your son."(hubby is at work)..And the tears fell down again... It's just that in as much as you want to understand each friend's or person's personality to the extent that you will humble yourself so that no clashing of personalities will occur, certain things will still come up because of pride .. Anyway, while typing this blog, I felt a feeling of relief.Wheew! Thank you Lord!

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