Monday, February 23, 2009


It was a request from our son to celebrate his 9th birthday in Legoland California last year. It was very timely also that it was a weekend off of my hubby. HE REALLY ENJOYED THE PLACE AND SO ARE WE! HEHEHE.
Aldwin likes legos SINCE HE WAS 5 years old and wants to build them by himself. Sometimes my hubby and I just got surprised on how he built legos in just a matter of minutes and looked at the instructions as if he is very expert in everything about it. And if by chance he will assemble legos with other people around like food court(took our meals while he himself is very busy doing his stuff) , people have similar remarks,, YOU ARE SMART! HOW DID YOU DO THAT BOY! YOUR PARENTS ARE PROUD OF YOU!...etc......And as shy as he is, he will just smile and say THANK YOU!....We are truly proud of him!

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