Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cold day today and I love it!

(this pic was taken last year at Big Bear Mountain, California)

Even if I don't have work today(Sunday, but my husband has weekend work)my system already got used to waking up as early as 4 oclock in the morning! Aside from the usual routine of thanking and praising God for another day is given to me and my family, I always make it a habit to check my emails , replying to messages, checking the headlines here in US and Philippines.(if our computer is in its good condition(hehe). And do my stuff like preparing everything for the day. This Sunday, we will attend mass in the afternoon since my hubby will still sleep and rest to gain back the energy for tonight's duty. Indeed a cold day today, I was not able to check the forecast weather but when I tried to open the terrace door! Oh my goodness the cold breeze greeted me and I love it! Thank you Lord for a very nice weather today just the right amount of cold that i like(but my son loves the freezing weather!) Since we are in Southern California , we are already used to the heat specially summer (I don't like summer alert, and the heat is really irritating at times, and my son's sinusitis will be at its worst during summer that's why he loves winter so much! sorry for those people who are summer enthusiasts, i think we are all entitled to our own opinion, peace!) that's why before winter ends, we might as well pushed through with our plan of going to our visit to a mountain snow resort. Maybe this coming weekend since its my hubby's weekend off. We all deserve to have a time to unwind and bond. We will pray for it! Thank you Lord for this day! Mama Mary please continue to embrace us with your love! Amen.

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