Sunday, February 15, 2009

A child in me

Eldest of six children of my wonderful parents, made me who I am now building up the foundation needed to tackle life and to make my own decisions to live my own life...Now, with a wonderful and smart son and with God given and supportive husband..

Did I miss my childhood? In a point maybe, since I am the eldest, I was given the responsibility to take good care of my siblings. At some point I cried because I was taught by my father to do household chores at a very early age telling me that what he taught me would help me in life, making myself ready to live a life and to my future family. That time, I just did my part, feeding my siblings, cleaning the house, having in mind whats the proper time to cook food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My father is absolutely right!

I did have my childhood memories too,, playing different games but with a suitable time only. If I remember it right, I consider myself as a homebody and shy. Maybe this was influenced by what and how I was brought up of taking care of my siblings. During that time, i felt the need of greater responsibility for them.

When it comes to academic achievements, I had my share of these.. just look at the pictures(not bragging ha..average lang naman heheh) (to follow na ang iba ha,) I still have to organize my photos since some of it are still in the Philippines...

NOTE:(to be continued next time ha,,i still have to attend to the needs of my son, have cough, due to extreme change of weather,,very unpredictable, still not get used to this..hmmmm..see yah!)

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