Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Father's Love(my papa rolly)

A father's love is unconditional. I looked like more of my papa, not just the looks but character as well.. (smile)..Looran pod(meaning sensitive) hehehe! Anyways, since childhood, I know that he has been working hard for our family. Adding for a fact that he is also a breadwinner for his own family since my grandfather on his side died early, at the same time, he is also the eldest...Our relationship as father and daughter also underwent series of misunderstandings,,why? because as a father he is protective(which I know and understand). As a daughter, I also want to spread my wings and learn life ,if ever i will be hurt then that's life..Easier said than done but I also considered our financial status during that time. I might not understood his side before because he is not much of a talker, but a doer. He was the first person who told me"MABELLE ALWAYS PRAY THAT YOUR FIRST BOYFRIEND WILL BE YOUR HUSBAND" I asked why? he answered "YOU WILL KNOW THAT SOON IN TIME" .. And true enough, I did!
I got closer with him when I already got married! I also understand now the many things he taught me and to my siblings. I always pray to God that he will always be in good health, always safe in his work .. I still have dreams for him and to my mother. Soon I know it will come.. I LOVE YOU PA! I will see you soon!

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