Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Mother's Love (my mama orsie)

Same thing..a mother's love is unconditional...A mother is always there for you no matter what happened. We also had our ups and downs of mother-daughter relationship. True to the saying , you will only understand the real meaning of a mother if you will already become a mother yourself..Now, she is very busy attending to the needs of my nephews and nieces back home in the Philippines and find enjoyment with it.
Thank you ma for all the support you have given to me, understanding , love that is very unconditional(the real meaning of the word), for everything you did and always do just to make all of us happy, for giving a good maternal instinct that Edwin will be my husband, (hehe, see? a mother's instinct is unexplainable), for patiently giving yourself, your time and effort for the whole family. Thank you! I am always praying for your good health so that you and papa will soon be here to visit us..That will come in time! I LOVE YOU MA AND SEE YOU SOON!

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