Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thoughts on the Homily by Fr. Gomez,SVD

I forgot to make a blog entry regarding Fr. Gomez' homily last Sunday TV mass regarding the triumphant entry of Jesus in Jerusalem (Palm Sunday)..He said "these people who praise Jesus in his entry to Jerusalem are the same people who condemn HIM to crucifixion and death....just like some of your friends who are good upfront and stab you at your back. Beware!....

Yes it happened to me..From my past blogs, as I always say i am a very unguarded person when it comes to meeting people, i readily consider anybody whom I talked to(especially emotional things and that person will also tell me about many things) as a new found friend..BUT i learned my lesson already, a lesson that really hurts me.. WHY? because i told myself to be laid back a little when it comes to open up of things that concerns my thoughts to certain issues and be able to share it to whom i considered FRIENDS...It's just very difficult to put into words how hurt i am if i hear some so called friends who will question my or other person's sincerity, as a friend and as a person..I don't know what their motives are but I know in time, they will realize that they are wrong and that I pray that the times they spent calling on persons and initiate a gossip to whoever they want to will stop and just be happy with what their friends are achieving..Yes, we cannot please everybody but if that somebody did not do anything wrong to you, why make a big fuss to the smallest mistake that your friend has done?.Look into the mirror and ask yourself, AM I PERFECT?

I shared these thoughts and experience with my husband and he felt the same thing..And to my close friends whom I share the same experience and the same wavelengths of thoughts and priorities.Sometimes i get so affected specially if there is no basis at all..But God is good. These are just little things compared to the big problems that other people are facing nowadays. What I just want to give emphasis is that it's not a hard thing to do to praise and appreciate the success a person has achieved and stop crab mentality. Even if you know me, You don't Know EVERYTHING ABOUT ME..I am just a very simple person, with simple dreams for myself, family and other people that I would like to help. But if my simplicity is not your cup of tea because I cannot fit into your complex and high end life, please just also respect me the same thing that I gave my respect to your kind of life..Thank you.

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