Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Blind Side

Last night was our family movie night. We should not have rented this one but out of curiosity with the read news about Sandra Bullock's performance which made her the best actress of the OSCARS and with all the overwhelming true to life stories, then off we go, WATCH THIS DVD!

I thought i will get bored because i like action, suspense movies if we talk about foreign movies. But in Filipino movies, I am much more into drama, romance,,,,BUT this movie hits the very core of me as a mother and as a person. Surprisingly, I did not get bore from the very beginning up to the last segment and even cried. Even my hubby liked it so much!

How a simple gesture of love and concern can make a big difference in someone else' life. Despite the status Sandra has in this movie, a millionaire so to say, a respected elite in the society,that gut instinct to put trust and help BIG MIKE ,trying to understand in her own way of interrogating, wowed me.. BRAVO TO ALL WHO MADE THIS MOVIE POSSIBLE!

Different issues were called up in this movie, racial discrimination is one. How a teacher's faith and patience in their students can make a big impact in student's life. And I could relate to this specially when I was teaching in highschool back in PI. A family's faith on each other, love for each other really is the core of being true samaritans in the society .These were all depicted in the movie.

A mother's love is a very magical kind of love, even if oftenly not said but will always be felt. A love that is so unconditional, a sacrifice that has no other person can make but only mothers will. These all made me cry. I am looking forward for that day that our son will go to college and maybe will make the same remarks like what Sandra did(I guess all mothers will agree).And this segment made me sob, OH the very emotional me! And my son tapped me at the back telling me MA , I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU AND PAPA WHEN I STUDY COLLEGE. THERE IS A COLLEGE NEAR OUR PLACE AND THAT'S ENOUGH FOR ME. and I sob again. Haay! this is just me, so sentimental..

WATCH this if you haven't seen it yet!

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