Tuesday, March 30, 2010


After attending mass last Sunday, my hubby decided to watch an LA CLIPPERS game at staples for the first time. Since it was his day off, we convinced our son (of course with a deal hehe) then off we went. It's realizing a childhood dream to get inside the staples and watch the NBA teams playing. Although he is an LA Lakers fan, he decided to push through just to be able to experience the inside fun and soon with the LA LAkers , praying for a day off if they have a game. . He just booked at the ticket exchange because the tickets are at a cheaper price..but far from the court hehe. anyway, just for fun and experience. . INDEED WE HAD FUN!
We were like small kids giggling inside the staples center and even our son had a blast taking pictures of the performers hehe.Call us "mababaw na kaligayahan'(shallow happiness), but this means a big thing to us. I think we deserve a much needed break as a family from time to time, no pressures of preparations, just the moment that we have each other experiencing all the opportunities that comes our way and soon sharing the same experience with our family back home,,,,,SOON....Thanks God for this time and experience.

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