Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I happened to read a blog and what surprised me is that it is a blog of a friend way back in highschool..a close friend so to say. .There was an entry that made me cry (here i am again). Because I never expected that she dedicated that blog for me..For people,close friends who knew me very well, well enough that they know for a fact that incidence like this really will make me cry. You make my day FRIEND C. . Thank you ,too.....(you know what i mean)...I will post some of our pics as soon as i will got hold of it in PI....just to reminisce our friendship.
I am very happy with what you have become now. I am so proud of you! I hope someday you will take a portrait of my family. This is one of my wishlist!..God bless you friend and your family!More blessings to come.....
(Just me pic above, my hubby made fun of me and let me pose na rin ako. hehe!...)

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