Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Value of Listening

(i took this pic when my hubby explained to our son what he was doing to treat his finger cut and what amazed me was that our son did not argue and he just listened)
I was touched by the homily of Fr.Gerry Orbos, SVD when he officiated the healing eucharist mass today(March 8, 2009)..The gospel was all about transfiguration or transformation. Since this is a lenten season, we are all expected to make a change , make a sacrifice, a sacrifice with a smile. People tend to ask help from God, tend to attached more to material things and attachment to people but fails to listen to what God wants to tell them.
Yes, sometimes we forget to listen, we forget to spend a moment of silence and hear God's message to us. May we all practice the value of listening, lend our ears and listen to anybody who is in pain, just to be there to somebody that needed someone to listen to his/her inner self, and be mindful of what God wants us to do and to accomplish in life even if sometimes things dont come as you planned it to be. LISTEN!

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  1. how touching it is to know that moments like these are treasured