Monday, March 9, 2009

Fun time!

I happened to scan some pictures that I was able to bring from the Philippines and I was smitten with this above pic way back November 0f 2005. If i am not mistaken i took this as a stolen shot while my mag-ama(father and son) were very amused with the tv program they saw on TV and they somehow immitated the pose of the so called contestants of that tv show. .They really enjoyed the show and as if they had an unspoken understanding on how to be alike with the contestants. I showed them the picture and they were laughing and giggling and do some wrestling stuff(lol) their bonding activity..My son told us OH I WAS STILL SMALL IN THIS PICTURE .THANK YOU MAMA AND PAPA FOR KEEPING THIS. I AM ALREADY A BIG KID NOW!..Yes, he is right! soon, we are going to have a teenager..

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