Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flow of Life

( I took this pic last summer of '08 at newport beach while aldwin was playing with the waves)

I was able to read a blog of a famous person who just recently passed away . It touches my soul while reading his blog whom he constantly updated during the course of his chemotherapy. There was a picture of a boy sitting on the sand looking at the tranquility of the sea that sparkles like crystals in his photo..The horizon was so vivid. The blogger was thinking about how lucky is the boy in that picture who still has the chance to see many sunrise and sunset in his lifetime, who can still experience the flow of young life as he grows up..Of course I understand the feeling of the blogger, like any other cancer victims, there is that so called acceptance at the same time bargaining for prolonging life just to be able to see his offsprings achieving something for their future. He fought the battle of cancer bravely as he could. But God has reasons why he succumb to that battle.. Somewhere along the way, answers will be met.

Since we are still here in this world, we still have the chance to make the best of ourselves. We might not have the same opportunities for a higher quality of life like any people have, but what's more important is our unselfish giving of ourselves, effort and understanding to our family, people that we care about, and for those whom we felt that needed our help.. We must not forget that whatever happens in our life, even if sometimes we felt that our prayers are not answered in a specified time that we want it to be answered, there is a GOD that knows the reasons and knows what's best for us.

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