Monday, March 2, 2009

Sad news back home

(above pic courtesy of HP sample pic)
........................Have read all the texts and messages passed 12 midnight March 2(pacific time)..was able to wake up because of my disturbing cough(but thanks God I am feeling better compared from the past days), so timely that I have read all the messages. Sad but we just have to accept things to happen that is inevitable. My uncle Boy(brother of my mother) died at 2:30 pm march 2 ,Philippine time..He was just home from the hospital 2 weeks ago but we knew for a fact because of his diagnosis that he will soon leave this world. But family closely knitted as we are, were hopeful that maybe life will be longer fo him to see his kids grow up and guide them . But things do happen for a reason. Whatever reasons will it be, it will be known as times passed by...Say a prayer for eternal repose of his soul. May he rest in peace.Amen.

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