Friday, October 16, 2009

Youngest sister's wedding

Today is my youngest sister's wedding in Bohol..(above pic is one of their pre nup pics)..The fourth time that I haven't attended a sister's or brother's wedding(they all got married by the time that we were still new here in US, a lot of things to adjust and bills to pay hehe)....., but they know that in my heart, I support them and pray for their lasting marriage..I got the chance to call her at the resort before her make up session but I'd rather cut it short because she started to cry na..hehe..and on the other line can't help but shed tears also. (hilakon mangud mi oy)hehe..My family maybe miles away from us here in US but we see to it that the bond will always be there. After all, whatever blessings we have here will surely be shared to our family back home..I will just wait for the pictures. God bless them. And we would like to welcome another in law to our family!

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