Monday, October 26, 2009


Last Sunday, we decided to put up our Christmas tree to celebrate the spirit of Cristmas season very early...Pinoy na pinoy pa gehapon mi... Our son was very excited because he considered it as a very fun activity for the family..He was our very active decorator while my hubby and I were busy putting ties on each decoration. We gave him the decision where to put all of it..Originally , we planned to have a live Christmas pine tree but it would be available on December yet, but since we were very excited then to see our tree that's why we bought one, "medyo taas taas sa miage"...thank you LORD..other people might ask why we find it a big deal for us to be happy about this, if they only knew, this signifies our trials and triumphs in our stay here. . This year, we promised ourselves that we will come up with a taller tree with lots of decorations in it and multicolored lights. ..We are very happy with the outcome.........

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