Thursday, October 22, 2009


(Above pic was taken on a late afternoon hiking at the new park ANDULKA PARK)
During my vacant hours, i am fond of running through youtube specially episodes that i missed on a certain program , or looking for videos of interesting personalities, actors,actresses or uploading some of our family videos...One time, i happened to watch past videos of OPRAH featuring NICOLE KIDMAN. A statement that strikes me the most as quoted by NICOLE(one of my favorite actress of all times)...WHEN I AM OLD, I WANT TO LOOK BACK AND SAY I LIVED....Definitely true and I shared the same view. Living our life everyday reflects how we viewed life and how we envisioned ourselves whatever goals we still have to achieve...Whatever things I have encountered from the past somehow contributed to what i am in the present and to better and improve myself in the future. Its nice to enjoy whatever we can do everyday for ourselves and to the people we love. Yes,,"IBANG IBA ANG FEELING".... Let us not forget thanking God everyday of our lives and for letting us spend our beautiful life with our family,friends and more opportunities for us to be instruments of helping and inspiring other people. Most of all ending our day with a smile on our face and say I LIVED THIS DAY..TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY...

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